Request Sample Lesson

Request a free sample lesson with a member of our applied faculty!

A sample lesson is great way to get to know your future teacher and gather insight into what music study at Kent State is all about. 

Who can request a sample lesson?

  • Any prospective music major or minor.
  • Any Kent State student who majors in something other than music who is interested in taking applied lessons while enrolled at Kent State.
  • Please note that all sample lessons are currently only offered virtually.

How it Works

  1. Fill out our simple form here.
  2. Once you click submit, you and the faculty member(s) you request a sample lesson from will receive an email.
  3. The faculty member(s) you request will then reach out to you to set up your personal sample lesson. 
  4. If you have more than one area of applied study (ex: voice and piano) and want a sample lesson in both, please fill out the form for each applied area you're interested in.

Areas We Offer Specialized Applied Study

  • Brass
  • Conducting
  • Jazz Studies 
  • Percussion
  • Piano
  • Strings 
  • Voice
  • Woodwinds