The Philosophy Department at Kent State University is located in 320 Bowman Hall. Our faculty represent a wide range of research specializations, and we are all committed to our department's unique pluralistic curriculum.

The department offers the B.A. and M.A. degrees in philosophy, with more than 75 courses from which to choose. In addition to the traditional major and minor, the department is home to the Healthcare Ethics minor. Our courses are integral to the university's Pre-Law minor, the Women's Studies minor, and more.




  • Undergraduate Programs

    Undergraduate Programs

    The Department of Philosophy at Kent State University offers an undergraduate program of study in philosophy

  • Graduate Programs

    Graduate Programs

    The Master of Arts degree program in philosophy at Kent State University offers intensive, in-depth study of philosophy, with particular attention to the diversity and plurality of philosophical methods, perspectives, and traditions, and their relation to other disciplines.