Kent State Minorities and Philosophy (MAP) Chapter

Meeting Schedule for 2022-23

All meetings will take place Tuesdays, 6:00-7:15pm on Teams. To join a meeting, click on our recurring meeting link at the appropriate time. For further information, please email Kim Beasley at

The titles of all readings below are linked to PDFs of the the texts.

Optional background reading: Fanon, Wretched of the Earth, Chapter 1: "Concerning Violence" and Preface by Jean-Paul Sartre

FALL 2022

October 4 - Decolonizing Epistemology

Reading: Mignolo, "Decolonizing Western Epistemologies"

October 25 - Intersex Activism

Reading: Chase, "Hermaphrodites with Attitude: Mapping the Emergence of Intersex Political Activism"

November 15 - Mexican Philosophy

Reading: Revueltas, "Possibilities and Limitations of the Mexican"

December 6 - Post-9/11 Racialization

Reading: Sheth, "The Racialization of Muslims in the Post-9/11 United States"


January 31 - Anarchist Epistemology

Reading: Feyerabend, Against Method: Outline of an Anarchistic Theory of Knowledge, Ch. 18

February 21 - Feminine Culture

Reading: Castellanos, "On Feminine Culture"

March 14 - Kinship and Creation Myths

Reading: Everett, "The Pirahã: People Who Define Happiness without God"

April 4 - Black Women and American Culture

Reading: Sharpley-Whiting, "Jefferson's Paradox, or a Very Brief History of Black Women's Sexuality, Hip-Hop, and American Culture"

April 25 - Ecological World Views

Reading: Dudgeon, "Circles within Circles: Towards an Ecological World View"