Camp Registration

The online registration portal for PEAK (and all RecWell programs) has gone through a complete overhaul with software updates that should streamline, and simplify the process for camp registration. Due to these updates, we have had to make several changes to our registration process and structure. We will upload video guides to demonstrate this new process before registration goes live on Friday, Mar. 15.

With the new registration process, you will be able to easily register for multiple weeks (offerings) of PEAK at a time. Just click “select” next to each week that you want to attend before clicking “Register” on the bottom of your screen.

If you have multiple campers attending in different age groups, you will need to register your first camper (select the weeks they will attend, sign the waivers, select a payment option, etc.), then, you must select “Continue Shopping” once you are at the shopping cart page. From there, you may have to navigate back to the Youth Programs tab which will allow you to begin the registration process for any additional campers in your family. 


Our program for PEAK is age restricted, to ensure only campers within the 6-12 age range sign up. After logging in, if the program offerings say “Age Restricted” then you will need to add your camper(s) to your account’s family as dependents.  See instructions listed below.

NEW IN 2024!!

This summer we will be splitting up PEAK registration into 3 separate programs by the age groups that campers will be with while in PEAK. These age groups are as follows:

  • Group 1: Campers ages 6 & 7 years old (youngest age group)
  • Group 2: Campers ages 8 & 9 years old (middle age group)
  • Group 3: Campers ages 10-12 years old (oldest age group)

In order to attend PEAK, your camper must be within the 6 - 12 age range for at least 1 day during the PEAK camp season. For example, a camper is 12 years old on June 2nd (Day 1 of PEAK) but turns 13 on June 3rd (Day 2 of PEAK), this camper will be in Group 3, and can attend PEAK for the entire summer.