Supplemental Instruction

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Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions are free, peer-facilitated group study sessions for certain historically difficult courses.

SI sessions are led by trained peer facilitators, SI leaders, who have already taken the course and earned a 'B' or better. Sessions are offered multiple times each week. SI is voluntary, free of charge, and available to students on a drop-in basis. SI is part of an international program that helps to boost student success in courses with more than a 30% rate of D, F, and withdrawals.

Announcements about SI are made in targeted classes during the first week of classes, and sessions continue throughout the semester. SI sessions provide students with course-specific learning and study strategies, note taking and test taking skills, and the opportunity to study with peers.

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What is SI?

For Everyone:

Supplemental Instruction (SI) was born in 1973 at the University of Missouri – Kansas City. Since then, it has developed into a successful model for academic support that is available at colleges and universities around the world. SI has been offered for a variety of subject areas at Kent State since 1999.

If you have ever studied as part of a group, you know how difficult it can be to stay focused. In an SI session, however, the SI leader is prepared with group activities that ensure everyone is on task and learning the material. In this environment, students practice course-specific study strategies, test their understanding of the material, and prepare for exams. SI provides an effective way to study with classmates and a trained facilitator who knows the course content.

SI is a free resource available to everyone enrolled in an SI-supported course. Each semester, we see that students who participate in SI sessions tend to earn better grades than those who do not.

For Potential SI Leaders:

Have you done well in one of the courses that SI supports? Do you enjoy helping your friends study and learn? Are you interested in a leadership experience? If so, consider applying to be an SI leader. See our for student employment page a full description and application, or email with questions.

For Faculty:

The SI program fits best with large lecture-style courses that have high fail/withdrawal rates. At Kent State University, we currently support a range of courses in biological sciences, chemistry, and economics. We welcome your feedback and suggestions about new courses that might benefit from SI support.