Hiring Steps for Full-Time Faculty

  1. Secure Funding for the position; contact the unit's business manager if necessary. If this is a new position, determine if a hiring plan has been submitted to the Provost. If not, submit a hiring plan. Consult the Strategic Hiring website for the latest position control requirements. https://www.kent.edu/hr/strategic-hiring
  2. Complete a Position Request and Authorization (PRA) form to open and post a position. 
    1. The PRA workflow provides easy completion of the form and expedites the signature process. 
    2. This should include completion of the ad and/or advertisement information form for KSU's job site. 
    3. Contact HR/Talent Acquisition at 28331 regarding advertising guidelines.
  3. Choose a search committee to participate in screening, interviewing and assessing the candidates. 
    1. The department handbook will have information on the requirements for forming a search committee.
    2. Please visit the search committee training website for information on required training. 
  4. Review applications, choose and interview candidates according to guidelines.
  5. If a candidate is selected for an interview, the Department will initiate a Background Check Request Form.    
  6. Please contact our office if you have questions about which offer letter template to use. 
    1. Updated templates can be found here: Offer letter templates
  7. The department will send the draft offer letter in Word format and a copy of the PRA to the Dean's office.  
  8. Once approved by the Dean's Office, forward all documents in Word format to Academic Personnel.  Please make sure you have the position number on the draft offer letter.  
    1. If start-up funds apply, please send the completed (three required signatures) form along with the draft offer letter.   
  9. Upon approval by the Associate Provost, the approved offer letter is sent to the department, with applicable documents to forward to the candidate. 
  10. Upon receipt of the candidate's signed offer letter, Academic Personnel will forward a copy to the Office of Talent Acquisition.
  11. A Kent State email address will automatically be created with the new hire's Kent State email address, if one has not been previously assigned.
  12. Employment forms will be sent to the candidate/new hire by Academic Personnel via electronic signature platform including information on how to make an appointment to verify employment eligibility.
    1. Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9 must be finalized in person no later than three business days after the contract date.  
    2. Please Note: All new international hires, must finalize the I-9 form with Academic Personnel. 
    3. Tenure-track hires must have at minimum an H1 Visa.
  13. Department will send Academic Personnel transcripts with highest degree, Vita or Resume and letters of recommendation.