Full Time Faculty FAQs

When is the first pay date of the academic year?

September 15th is the first pay date of the academic year.

How can I opt to receive my 9-month salary over 12 months?

Submit the Salary Payment Option form found on our website Personnel Forms & Information . The form will automatically route to us for processing. It must be received by the end of August for implementation in the upcoming academic year. Otherwise, it will be processed for the next available academic year.

Why didn’t I get paid? Should I call Payroll?

If this is for a summer or overload assignment, first check with your department to make sure the necessary payment request has been submitted and approved.  If the payment request has been submitted and approved, give us a call, we’ll be happy to help track it down - 330-672-8702.

Call us for questions about your annual salary - 330-672-8702.

I have questions about my health insurance/ tuition waiver/ retirement account options.

For answers to your benefits questions:

  1. visit the benefits office web site Employee Benefits or
  2. call them at 330-672-3107 or
  3. email benefits@kent.edu
I’m 9-month faculty, do I earn vacation?

Per Administrative Policy 6-11.7 9-month faculty do not earn vacation.

I have questions about using and reporting my sick leave.

Please visit Using and reporting sick leave for information on when to use sick leave. To report sick leave, go to your employee dashboard in Flashline.

I need to change my personal information; how do I do that?

You can update much of your personal information in Flashline: Employee/ Dashboard/ Employee Profile Dashboard/ My Profile.

A legal name change requires a photo ID and the required legal documentation. Schedule an appointment to present your documents.

Where can I find a copy of the collective bargaining agreement?

Please visit AAUP KSU where you can find copies of the latest agreements.