Faculty Review and Acknowledgement

Look for an email (sent to your kent.edu email address) with the subject line "PT Faculty assignment is awaiting your acknowledgement".  This indicates your assignment is ready to be reviewed and acknowledged.

To accomplish this, follow these steps:

Step 1

Log on to FlashLine from http://www.kent.edu.

Step 2

Select Employee > Resources > Select My Earnings and Benefit Elections 

Step 2 Faculty Acknowledgement Screenshot

Step 3

Select Employee Main Menu

Step 3 Employee Main Menu Screenshot

Step 4

Select Faculty Load and Compensation

Step 4 Faculty Load and Compensation Screenshot

Step 5

Select Compensation and Acknowledgement

Step 5 Compensation and Acknowledgement Screenshot

Step 6

Select a Term from the drop down list, then select "Go".

Step 6 Select Term Screenshot

Step 7

Review your assignment.

  • If it is not correct, DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE.  Contact your department to correct.  
  • If it is correct, check the Faculty Acknowledgement box.

Step 7 Faculty Acknowledgement Checkbox Screenshot

Step 8

Select Acknowledge Selected Positions

Step 8 Acknowledge Selected Positions Screenshot


Once you have acknowledged your assignment, you will receive an email with the subject line "Your PT faculty assignment detail".  This email will provide information relating to your course assignment.  Specifically, term, campus, course/section number, day and time of the course, location of the course and your total compensation. 

Academic Personnel will process your acknowledged assignment on the next available pay date.  Retroactive pay will be included if applicable.   If a pay date falls on a holiday or a weekend, it will be paid on the business day prior to the pay date. 

During the academic year, pay is divided throughout the full-term assignment or first and second half of the semester assignments. 

Please contact 330-672-8701, should you need additional information.