Non-Tenure Track Faculty

Non-Tenure Track faculty are full-time faculty with benefits who are appointed annually and whose responsibilities are primarily teaching. Each non-tenure track faculty member will be placed in one of the following tracks: instructional, clinical, practitioner or research. They are represented by a unit of the American Association of University Professors - Kent State Chapter (AAUP-KSU); therefore, their salary, benefit levels, faculty workload and distinctive terms and conditions of their employment are determined by the collective bargaining agreement.

These annually appointed faculty are eligible for a renewal of their appointments after a successful yearly review for the first three years of employment, after which they may be offered a three-year term of automatically renewable appointments. After this successful review, they may continue to be offered three-year term appointments with a review performed at the end of each three-year term.

Detailed information regarding non-tenure track faculty may be obtained in the printed Collective Bargaining Agreement Non-Tenure Track, available from the Office of the Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs or at the AAUP web site.

Please review the University Faculty Handbook and your Department Unit Handbook for additional information.