Hiring Steps for Part-Time Faculty

  1. Submit a PT Faculty Role Form as well as the Background Check Request form for your new PT faculty hire. 
  2. Complete and send an offer letter using the template found here Letter Templates.  Forward the signed offer letter to Academic Personnel. 
  3. Academic Personnel will send your new PT faculty member a “Welcome “ email with instructions on how to access their email and will copy the hiring department. 
    1. The “Welcome” email will serve as the department's notice of an acceptable background check.   
  4. Academic Personnel will send employment forms to the PT faculty member via electronic signature platform.
  5. Included in the employment forms are instructions for scheduling an appointment to confirm the identity of your new hire for the Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9. 
    1. The I-9 must be finalized in person no later than three business days after the start date.  
    2. A regional campus representative may complete this process on behalf of Academic Personnel.

*If a former PT faculty member has not had an active assignment within the last year, you will need to follow the steps above.