Hiring Steps for Part-Time Faculty

  1. Collect materials from applicants and select your pool candidates.
  2. Newly selected Part-Time faculty members must sign a (Background Check Release Form) prior to the preparation of an offer letter. The Background Check must have a satisfactory result.
  3. Complete and send offer letter using the template (Letter Templates)  provided by the Provost's Office to your candidate.  The Department will send the signed Offer Letter to Academic Personnel.   
  4. The Department must submit a (PT Faculty and Graduate Assistant Role Form) before the candidate is provided a Kent State ID and email.
  5. Academic Personnel will send the new Part-time Faculty member an email creation letter and will copy the Department. 
  6. Employment forms will be sent to the Part-time Faculty Member by Academic Personnel via DocuSign.  
  7. Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9 must be finalized in person no later than three business days of the contract date with Academic Personnel.  The Regional Campus Representative must complete this process on behalf of Academic Personnel by completing page 2 only.

*If a Part-time Faculty Member has not had an active assignment in a year or more, then follow the steps above.