Student Spotlight - Julia DiNunzio

Student Spotlight - Julia DiNunzio

Julia DiNunzio, a junior Aeronautical Systems Major at Kent State University, enjoys staying involved with her campus and community despite her academically rigorous major. Originally from Buffalo, New York, DiNunzio also enjoys exploring her creative side through her Photojournalism minor and photography work with the Kent State University Athletic Department. In addition to this, DiNunzio is a member of the Delta Gamma Fraternity and has previously held leadership roles in the organization. She is also a member of Kent State University’s Women in Engineering Club. DiNunzio regularly volunteers as well, donating her time to organizations including the Cleveland Sight Center, Kent Social Services, and Kent Lions Club. In the summer, she will be completing an internship at PCB Piezotronics in Buffalo, New York. 

DiNunzio’s favorite thing about Kent State University is the people. “Your college years are an influential part in your lifetime. A time when you learn about yourself and how to navigate the world aside from where you came from. My classmates, tutors, professors, and advisors provide the support system and knowledge needed to excel in the College of Aeronautics and Engineering.” She credits her friends and classmates for helping her succeed in a challenging major, “Whether it's my time spent in the classroom, or studying with classmates in the library, I have only become better by surrounding myself with the people who challenge me to be a better student and strengthen my ability to learn.”

While beginning her academic career as an Exploratory pre-major, DiNunzio knew that Kent State University would give her the best experience while figuring out what she wanted to major in. “I found Kent for its undeclared program which then helped me find what I am passionate about. After a year as an undeclared major, advisors, students, or professors directed me towards a strategic and realistic major, one which I can put my strengths in mathematics towards.” Further, DiNunzio added “When you're a senior in high school, you're not always going to know what you want to do with the rest of your life. When I saw Kent had such a wide variety of majors and programs designed to help me find my strengths and passions, I knew this was a school that could give me the extra push I needed to leave my small world at home, and grow into the individual I am today.”

Hailing from a class of 65 at an all girls high school, DiNunzio found it a unique challenge to learn to work with her classmates, the majority of whom were male. “I found it new to work alongside a crowd that felt unfamiliar and what made me feel outnumbered…successful collaborative work is a necessary skill in any career field to have, and being able to work alongside students who differed from me only taught me how to have tough conversations, or stand up for myself in the right ways.” In her second year at Kent State, she found additional support through the Women in Engineering Club. “After joining Women in Engineering I know there's places I find support and understanding in scenarios like these.”

DiNunzio hosted an Instagram Take-Over on Tuesday, March 21st on the CAE’s Instagram (@KentStateCAE)! Check out her take over in the “Highlights” on our Instagram page! 

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POSTED: Tuesday, March 28, 2023 12:54 PM
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