Research Laboratories

Virtual Laboratories

Control, Automation, and Mechatronics (CAM) Lab

Administered by Dr. Hossein Mirinejad, the CAM lab is focused on advancing the design, modeling, testing, and control of autonomous systems using fundamentals of dynamical systems and automatic control theory. Research covers a wide range of applications, including aerospace systems, robotics, and healthcare domains, and integrates several key areas, including computational modeling, optimization strategies, and control engineering techniques, to develop effective, functional strategies for autonomous systems in human life support systems.

Green and Advanced Mobility Engineering (GAME) Lab

Administered by Dr. Syed Shihab, the Green and Advanced Mobility Engineering (GAME) lab focuses on developing data-driven, intelligent decision-making systems for aviation based on artificial intelligence/machine learning, optimization, and operations research techniques. Research applications in aviation include supply chain design and planning, aircraft surveillance network design, wildlife hazard management, airspace design, pricing and revenue management, scheduling/dispatching, and route/network planning.