Congrats to our Fall 2020 Ph.D. Graduates!

College of Arts and Sciences Doctor of Philosophy Graduates December 2020


Israel Adebowale Olaoye

Dissertation Title: "Water Quality Modeling of the Old Woman Creek Watershed, Ohio, Under the Influence of Climate Change to Year 2100"

Dissertation Director: Joseph Ortiz

Kalpani Manurangi Ratnayake Mudiyanselage

Dissertation Title: " A Multi-Proxy Approach to Reconstruction of Deglaciation and Holocene Climate Change: Evidence from Lake Erie Sedimentary Archives"

Dissertation Director: Joseph Ortiz


Nasim Eshghi

Dissertation Title: “Approximation of Matrix Functions by Quadrature Rules Based on the Lanczos or Arnoldi Processes”

Dissertation Director: Lothar Reichel


Nashrah Ahmad

Dissertation Title "Preventive and Osteoarthritis Suppressive Effects of Peretinoin"

Dissertation Director: Tariq M. Haqqi

Kevin Budge

Dissertation Title: "Novel Regulators of Neuroinflammation and Neuroprotection"

Dissertation Directors: Fayez Safadi and Jason Richardson

Ashley E. Davis

Dissertation Title: “Comparison of Metabolic Effects between High Aerobic Capacity and Low Aerobic Capacity in Rats Subjected to Intermittent Fasting and Caloric Restriction Diets"

Dissertation Director: Colleen M. Novak

Erin Gorrell

Dissertation Title: “Skeletal Muscle Thermogenesis Induction by Exposure to Predator Odor"

Dissertation Director: Colleen M. Novak

Jessica R. Krieger

Dissertation Title: “Bovine and Porcine Adipogenesis, Myogenesis, and Tissue Engineering Strategies to Improve Flavor and Pigmentation of Cell-Based Meat”

Dissertation Director: Min-Ho Kim


Zahra Ghasemahmad

Dissertation Title: "Behavioral and Neuromodulatory Responses to Emotional Vocalizations in Mice"

Dissertation Director: Jeffrey J. Wenstrup

William A. Noftz

Dissertation Title: "Cholinergic Projections to the Inferior Colliculus"

Dissertation Director: Brett Schofield


Srijana Bhandari

Dissertation Title: "An Electronic Structure Approach to Understand Charge Transfer and Transport in Organic Semiconducting Materials"

Dissertation Director: Barry D. Dunietz


Md Amjad Hossain

Dissertation Title: "Design of Crowd-Scale Multi-Party Telepresence System with Distributed Multipoint Control Unit Based on Peer to Peer Network"

Dissertation Director: Javed Khan


Maeed Mohammad Almarhabi Sr.

Dissertation Title: "Cultural Trauma and the Formation of Palestinian National Identity in Palestinian-American Writing"

Dissertation Director: Babcar M'Baye

Amy Flick

Dissertation Title: "(Re)Defining Risk: An Examination of Harm Reduction Discourse and Language"

Dissertation Director: Pamela Takayoshi

Sarah Mary Lawrence

Dissertation Title: "A Rhetoric of Self-Injury: Establishing Identity and Representing the Body in Online Self-Injury Forums"

Dissertation Director: Sara Newman


Stephanie Christine Jannenga

Dissertation Title: "Making College Colonial: The Transformation of English Culture in Higher Education in Pre-Revolutionary America"

Dissertation Director: Kim Gruenwald 


Preya Bhattacharya

Dissertation Title: "Can Microfinance Impact National Economic Development? A Gendered Perspective"

Dissertation Director: Andrew Barnes

Joshua Ray Testa

Dissertation Title: "Accountability in Higher Education: How Colleges and Universities Respond to Performance-Based Funding Formulas and Why it Matters"

Dissertation Directors: Anthony Molina and Daniel Hawes


Ashley N. Abraham

Dissertation Title: “Individual Differences in Context Effects during Word Recognition”

Dissertation Director: Jocelyn Folk


Abdulrahman Nasser Alajmi

Dissertation Title: "On The Lattice Size With Respect To The Standard Simplex in 3D"

Dissertation Director: Jenya Soprunova

Michael Andrew Roysdon

Dissertation Title: "On Some Geometric and Functional Inequalities in Asymptotic Geometric Analysis"

Dissertation Director: Artem Zvavitch


Mohammed Omar Salem Alzahrani

Dissertation Title: "The Reader's Turn: The Packaging and Reception of Contemporary Arabic Literature in Arabic and in English Translation"

Dissertation Director: Brian James Baer

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