Welcome to the Department of History at Kent State University.

We offer both major and minor programs at the undergraduate level, as well as M.A. and Ph.D. programs for advanced study in history. The department’s course offerings at all levels are chronologically, geographically, and topically broad, but we have a particular strength in the histories of the Rust Belt region, state and private violence, and everyday life.

With a presence on six of Kent State’s eight campuses, the department’s faculty number two dozen and include many award-winning teachers and researchers.

Take advantage of our website to find information about our course offerings, programs of study, faculty and more.  Additional information may be obtained by contacting our undergraduate coordinator, Dr. Ken Bindas or graduate coordinator, Dr. Lindsay Starkey.
Thanks for your interest in the Department of History.

Dr. Kevin Adams, Associate Professor and Chair, History

Our Mission

The Department of History at Kent State University proudly upholds a tradition of diversity, equity and inclusion in our teaching, supervision, research and publication. As such, we are committed to recruiting, supporting and maintaining diversity among faculty and staff, as well as students. We view diversity as including categories of race, ethnic/national origin, color, sex and sexual orientation, religion, gender identity and expression, age, family structure, socio-economic status, veteran status, and immigration status. We value diversity of thought, culture, beliefs, and expression that our diverse community provides, and seek to further empower that community by ensuring they always feel welcome, valued, respected, and heard.

Diversity is central to the examination of the human experience in the discipline of History. As such, our department advocates that diversity benefits all. No less vital is a commitment to inclusion, which we understand to mean open and critical engagement with diverse intellectual perspectives and viewpoints in the classroom and out. We encourage free expression of all perspectives, while expecting civility and respect for all. In our striving to create an inclusive and welcoming environment, hateful speech and action - sexism, racism or any form of prejudice - are not tolerated.

Looking to our future, we will further our commitment to advance inclusive excellence, diversity and equity. Whether it is in the development of new courses; the promotion of innovative, exciting scholarship that speaks to a broad audience; or our commitment to diversity and representation in departmental citizenship, we will continue to foster an environment of people, culture and belonging.

New History-to-Law School Pathway

The Department of History is excited to announce a new program to allow History majors to matriculate directly into both the University of Akron School of Law and the John Marshall School of Law at Cleveland State University. It is called a 3+3 Program.

The link below details the process of going from a Bachelor of Arts in History from KSU to a law degree at either UA or CSU. This 3+3 Pathway gives students a quicker and more efficient path to their law degree.

If you have questions please contact the department’s Undergraduate Coordinator, Dr. Kenneth Bindas @ kbindas@kent.edu.

  • Undergraduate Programs

    Undergraduate Programs

    At the undergraduate level, the Department of History offers a B.A. degree and a minor in History

  • Graduate Programs

    Graduate Programs

    Kent State University’s Graduate Program in History offers two degrees: the Master of Arts and the Doctor of Philosophy.