Graduate Students Completed Thesis and Dissertation

Completed Theses Since 1936


Abigail Cramer, "'As it is with Races and Cultures, so it is with the Art of Government:' The International Eugenics Movement and Harry H. Laughlin's World Government, 1883-1939"

Caroline Newberg, "The Clean Press: Local Civic Responsibility, New Ethics, and Pittsburgh's Professional Journalists before Objectivity, 1890-1920"

Margaret Wilson, "'Fighting a Losing Battle': The Influence of World War I on the Masculinzation of Modern Women's Fashion in the 1920s"


Sana Loue, “Proud Becoming: The Story of an Immigrant Jewish Family and Intergenerational Historical Trauma”

Kathryn L. McGuire, “Advanced Placement US History Test Development and the Struggles of America’s National Historical Narrative, 1958-2014”

Rudin Mucaj: “The Gospel of Labor: How Evangelicalism Shaped Immigrant Workers’ Unionism, and Became the Foundations of the Minnesota Farmer-Labor Party from the Early 1800s to 1917”

Jordan M. Redinger, “Freedom Through Captivity: Women’s Use of Indian Captivity Narratives as a Gateway to Independence, 1865-1920”


Benjamin V. Allison, “Through the Cracks of Détente: US Policy, the Steadfastness and Confrontation Front, and the Coming of the Second Cold War, 1977-1984”

James R. Griffin: “’I Go for Independence’: Stephen Austin and Two Wars for Texan Independence”

Daniel J. Young, “The Ties That Bind: Gospel Music, Popular Music, and Race in America, 1877-1940”


Benjamin V. Allison, “Through the Cracks of Détente: US Policy, the Steadfastness and Confrontation Front, and the Coming of the Second Cold War, 1977-1984”

Jennifer R. Hivick, "If I Fail, He Dies": Military Nursing in the 1918-1919 Influenza Pandemic"


Max Monegan, “A Different Kind of Community: Queerness and Urban Ambiguity in Northeast Ohio, 1945-1980”


Eli Bosler, “Ohio and California Farmers’ Reaction to the ‘Chinese Question’, 1879-1906”

Alex Fleet, “Peace through Growth: Political Response to Class Conflict in Interwar America, 1919-1923”

Deborah Hoover, “Norman Rockwell: The Business of Illustrating the American Dream”

Mauren Schindler, “Dismantling the Dichotomy of Cowardice and Courage in the American Civil War”

Kimberly Stahler, “Three Dead in South Carolina: Student Radicalization and the Forgotten Orangeburg Massacre”


Megan Smeznik, “‘Whose Digital History’: Closing the Gaps between Academic Historians, Public Historians, and the Public”

Joseph Stewart, “The Appropriation of Abraham Lincoln by Ronald Reagan and Conservative Notions of Lincoln’s Legacy, 1980-1989”


Kayla Mason, “Vérité et Sévérité: The Politics of Memorialization and Cultural Interpretations of the Rafle du Vél d'Hiv, 1945-2012”

Christine Pienoski, “Pyramids of Lake Erie: The Historical Evolution of the Cleveland Museum of Art's Egyptian Collection”

Philip Shackelford, “Fighting for Air: Cold War Reorganization and the U.S. Air Force Security Service, 1945-1952”

Whitney Stalnaker, “Good at Heart: The Dramatization of The Diary of Anne Frank and Its Influence on American Cultural Perceptions”

Nicholas Staudacher, “Theodore Roosevelt’s Construction of the ‘Public Interest’: Rhetoric, Ideology, and Presidential Intervention, 1901-1906”

Ian Varga, “From Living World to a Dead Earth: Mars in American Science since the Space Age”

James Williams, “The Road to Harpers Ferry: The Garrisonian Rejection of Nonviolence”


Jobadiah Christiansen, “Crucifix of Memory: Community and Identity in Greenville, Pennsylvania 1796-Present”


Lauren Cengel, “Making Meaning and Connections: A Study of the Interpretation and Education Practices for the Medieval Collection at the Cleveland Museum of Art”

Jesse Curtis, “Awakening the Nation: Mississippi Senator John C. Stennis, the White Countermovement, and the Rise of Colorblind Conservatism, 1947-1964”

Patrick Finnen, “Strange Times: The Language of Illness and Malaise in Interwar France”

Jonathan Lower, “The Romance of Lead Belly: Race, Identity, and Authenticity in America Blues Music”

Nicholas Mays, “Northern Redemption: Martin Luther King, the United Pastors Association, and the Civil Rights Struggle in Cleveland, Ohio”


Michael Goodnough, “The Campus at Carnival: The Students for a Democratic Society's Heteroglossic Challenge of Unitary Language Authority at Three Ohio Universities, 1967-1970”

Edward Koltonski, “Written in Blood: Negotiating Public Reaction and Professional Objectivity in the Media to the Wayside Murder in Youngstown, Ohio, 1876-1877”


Scott Abrams, “By Any Means Necessary: The League for Human Rights Against Nazism and Domestic Fascism, 1933-1946”

Serene Artino, “To Further the Cause of Empire: Professional Women and the Negotiation of Gender Roles in French Third Republic Colonial Algeria, 1870-1900”

Stephanie Bingham, “The Psychic Bridge: The Spiritualists Movement”

Ilya Braverman,  “A Failed Nazism: The Rise and Fall of the Deutschvolkische Freiheitspartei, 1919-1928”

Emily Wicks, “’Melting Pot or Dumping Ground?’: Racial Discourse in American Science, Magazines, and Textbooks in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries”


Colleen Benoit, “A Woman's 'Natural' Work: Sewing and Notions of Feminine Labor in Northeast Ohio, 1900-1930”

Michelle Curran “Torn Identity: Working women and Their Struggle Between Gender and Class, 1932-1950”


Meyer, Dwight R., "Employing Masculinity as an Agent of Social Change: An Examination of the Writings and Tactics of Robert F. Williams."  

Vincent, Stephanie M.,  “Flipping the Plate: Changing Perceptions of the Shenango China Company, 1945-1991.”

LaRue, Dionna, "From the Streets to the Ivory Tower: The Evolution and Relocation of Radical Thought within 1960s Counterculture."

Mizoguchi, So, "Imaginary Democratization under Turmoil: Embracing the Real Politics and Broadcasting Idealized Democratic Images of the Japanese Emperor, 1945-1947."

Zabic, Sarah, "Student Protest, Praxis, and Purposive Social Action: The Humanist Marxist Critique of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia, 1965-67."


Csehi, Jason Alan Shambach, "When Worlds Collide: The Allied Downgrading of General Dragoljub "Dra?a" Mihailović and Their Subsequent Full Support for Josip Broz "Tito."

Hodge, Adam Roy, "Vectors of Colonialism: The Smallpox Epidemic of 1780-1782 and Northern Great Plains Indian Life."

McCoy, Austin C., "The Creation of an African-American Counterpublic: The Impact of Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality on Black Radicalism during the Black Freedom Movement, 1965-1981."

Patadia, Ashley McMillin, "The Language of Empire and the Case of Indochina: Masculine Discourse in the Shaping and Subverting of Colonial Gender Hierarchies."

Sidwell, Robert W., "Maintaining Order in the Midst of Chaos: General Robert E. Lee's Usage of His Personal Staff."

Wurl, William M., "Admiral William S. Benson and the American Tradition of Sea Power."


George, Nichole, "The Massacre and Memorial of March 5, 1770: Collective Memory, Patriotic Oratory, and the Creation of an American Holiday."

Jenison, Denise, "The Buck Stops Where? The United States, Great Britain, the United Nations, and the Question of Responsibility for Palestine."

O'Leary, Jeffrey, "Unique by Design: American Exceptionalist Thought and the Fenian Fervor of William Henry Seward."

Tremel, Andrew, "Bravely They Advanced: The Sixth United States Colored Troops in the American Civil War."


Brundage, Mathew Thomas, "In Opposition to a Dark and Ignorant People: British Domestic Representations of the Chinese, 1834-1850."

Bunge, Hans-Henning, "Comparing Ancient History Textbooks of Imperial Germany and the Weimar Republic."

Herron, Laura Bender, "Faith in Memory: Holocaust Museums and Their Meaning in Christian America."

Layman, David, "A New Style of Warfare: The Use of Fire Support of Infantry Operations in South Vietnam, 1965-1971."

Lazear, Lisa Riley, "Flawed Families and Changing Roles: Gender Roles and Conservative Backlash in 1980s Films."

Spang, Rebecca Claire, "The Feminine Mistake: A Study of Women Accused of Capital Crimes and Infanticide in Pennsylvania, 1688-1809."


Bauman, Joshua Michael, "Manly Menchen: Jewish Masculinities in Germany after the Holocaust."

Booher, Dawn M., "U.S. Soldiers, the Atomic Bombs, and the Japanese Occupation."

Dean, Pamela Ann Dorazio, "A Space for Everyone and Everything: The Evolution of the Modern Residential Recreation Room, 1920s-1960s."

Fuller, Jeffrey Duane, "Bombing Enemy Civilians: Evolving U.S. Public Perceptions on Strategic Bombing, 1936-1945"


Mujic, Julie Allison, "Through Desperate Eyes: The Rise and Fall of Antebellum Anti-Abolitionist Movements in Cincinnati."

Phillips, Matthew Todd, "Of Wilson and Men: Masculinity and America's Great War Debate, 1914-1917."

Ross, Patrick, "Patrick Cleburne's Emancipation Memorial: Southern Resistance to the Plan for Confederate Independence."

Beane, Frank C. II. "Cultural Jihad in the Antebellum South: Subtextual Resistance and Cultural Retention during the Second Great Awakening, 1789-1865."


Engler, James S., "Independence and Integration in Frontier Ohio: Thomas and Charity Rotch and the Significance of Cultural Origins, Social Imperatives, and Economic Opportunity in the Settling of the Old Northwest."

Flaschka, Monika J., "Competing Ideologies: Race, Rape and Sex in Nazi Germany."

Gnant, Randall, "James Knox Polk and the Acquisition of California."

McFarland, Kelly, "Shaping U.S. Foreign Policy: The Role of World's Fairs, Museum Exhibits, and Research Trips, 1893-1912."

Spillman, Daniel, "For Stability, Liberty, and Morality: Conservation Intellectuals and Social Welfare in the Early to Mid-1960s."

Zarzeczny, Matthew, "Napolean's European Union: The Grand Empire of the United States of Europe."


Clayman, Marjorie, "'A Monarch's Smile Can Set His Subjects Free': The Protest in Phillis Wheatley's Poetry."

Criblez, Adam J., "From Grog Punch to Hard Cider: Tavern Culture on Ohio's Western Reserve, 1796-1840."

Gannon, Jr., John, "Erin's Children on Erie's Shores: The Irish and the Construction of Community in Cleveland, Ohio 1850-1880."

Gossett, Cynthia, "'Our Task is to Present the Truth': State Department Cultural Diplomacy and Benny Goodman's 1962 Jazz Tour of the Soviet Union"

Mooney, Evan, "A Case Study of the Colony at Sagadahoc."

Osborne, Christopher M., "In the Interest of the Western Country: Nationalism in Southwestern Pennsylvania, 1783-1812."

Weinberg, Eric, "Visions of a Rural Future: FDR and Decentralization."


Cary, Ryan Charles, "The Big Con: The Failure of CIA Propaganda Strategy and Tactics in 1954 Guatemala and 1961 Cuba."

Cross, John W., "Exploiting the Exploration of Capital: How the Imperial Russian Government Benefited from British Investment in the Caucasian Oil Fields, 1896-1914."


McMurry, Philip, "'Where my natural roots lead me': Joshua L. Chamberlain--The Origins of a Civil War Officer."

Mercer, John L., "Voices of the Tribe: Seven Decades of Cleveland Indians Radio Broadcasting."


De Vries, Kirsten Marie, "Gathering at the Tomb: Saints and the Frankish Community in Sixth- and Seventh-Century Gaul."

Fleischer, Sterling Victor, "Public Sculpture, Public Debate and the Politics of Commemoration: The George Segal Controversy and the Memorialization of May 4, 1970, at Kent State University."

Gestrich, Susan, "Public Opinion and Political Propaganda in Seventeenth Century France: The Case of the Parliamentary Fronde, 1649."


Straub, Robert Joseph, "A Question of Recognition: U.S. Attitudes Toward Race and Its Effects on the Recognition of Latin American Nations in the Early Nineteenth Century."

Waggoner, Jason S., "Three Out of Many: Prominent Potteries of East Liverpool, Ohio, 1840-1999."


Bowden, Robin L., "Reactive Response: American Denazification Policy in Germany, 1944-1946."

Kvet, Bryan W.,  "'Nazis, I hate these guys': Portraits of Germans in American World War II Films, 1939-1994."

Mieyal, Timothy J., "A Story of Valor: The Seventh Ohio Volunteer Infantry."

Niederberger, Trent Robert, "Supply in Virginia: The Civil War Career of Perley Peabody Pitkin"

Oliu, Paul Marc, "Public Opinion and the Act to Prohibit the International Slave Trade, 1803-1808."


Kelly, Patrick D., "A Story of Proven Loyalty: The Sixty-First Ohio."

Lautenschlager, Julie Lynn, "'I will waste nothing': American Women's Patriotism Seen Through World War II-Era Cookbooks."

Trenchard, Kelly D., "The Home Front Spheres in the North: Fannie Bailey and Oberlin, Ohio During the Civil War."


Jurkovic, Kimberly Lynne,  "Tuscarawas County During the Civil War: Life on a Rural Home Front."

Megery, Michael E., "Master and Servant? The Boundaries of Master/Servant Law and Labor Relations in Early Republican Ohio, 1806-1860."

Netos, Eleftherios, "In Quest of Expediency: Cyprus on the Road to Independence, 1947-1959."

Thompson, Anna Kristina, "The Changing Ideal of British Motherhood, 1850-1904: From the Moral Educator to the Scientific Hope of the Race."

Weimer, Daniel, "Drug Abuse and the Heroin Epidemic among American Soldiers in the Vietnam War, 1970-72."


Adinolfi, Karen Denise, "A Survey of the State of the Art: Public Programming Among Local Historical Societies in Northeast Ohio."

Agnello, John J., "Change and Continuity: Japanese Secondary Education Before and After the Report of the United States Education Mission."

Craig, Bryan Allen, "The Great 1859-1860 French Invasion Scare in Great Britain."

Dempsey, Jane,  "Reverend John Beach and Episcopal-Congregational Conflict in Connecticut, 1700-1782."

Forster, Jennifer, "A Borrowed Blast of Wind: Thomas Edwards and the Gangraena Controversy of 1646."

Hunt, Paul Francis, "An Institutional and Doctrinal Study of the Colonial Militias' Role in the American Revolutionary War."

Lampert, Rebecca Jane, "Rewriting Womanhood: Ideology and Gender in the Writing of Lydia Maria Child."

Nalmpantis, Kyriakos, "Heirs to Alexander: A Comparative Analysis of Greek and Slav Macedonian Nationalism."

Ray, LaJean, "The Making of an Activist: Rubie J McCollough."

Settje, David E., "Protestant 'Righteous Indignation': The Roosevelt Vatican Appointment of 1940."

Smets, Kristine A. J., "Gazette van Moline and the Belgian-American Community, 1907-1921."


Campbell-Shoaf, Heidi S., "Woman of the World: Biography of Princess Agnes Joy Salm-Salm."

Frazier, Kevan Delany, "Model Industrial Subdivisions: Goodyear Heights and Firestone Park and the Town Planning Movement in Akron, Ohio, 1910-1920."

Slay, Terry Alan, "Harry S Truman, David K. Niles, and the Creation of Israel."

Stocke, John Gregory, "Guarding the Machine: The Ideological Implications of Civil Defense in the United States, 1949-1965."


Batchelor, Robert P., "The Delicate Balance: The Brussels Pact, NATO, and the United States, 1948-1951."

Carlson, James R., "Television Strategy in the 1952 Presidential Election: A Comparative Study of the Eisenhower and Stevenson Campaigns."

Chenier, Robert P., "Before Jackie Robinson: African-American Athletes in Northern Ohio."

Coffing, Karen Bartley., "Southern Womanhood Preached to a National Audience: The Writings of Corra Harris, Author and Novelist."

Fisher, James E., "Magistrate and Minister: The Public Life of Thomas Lloyd."

Heinlein, John C., "Rhythmic Response: Jazz and Bebop and the Political Implications of African American Music, 1936-1952."

Hoover, Michael D., "Pariah to Partner: The United States, Franco Spain, and Western Defense in the Early Cold War."

Johnson, Freddie L., III, "Mountain Warrior: The Politics and Military Career of Albert Gallatin Jenkins."

Kaufman, Louisa Mae, "William Blathwayt and the British Colonial Network in the Chesapeake, 1680-1717."

Lantry, Douglas Nevin, "Aeronautical Artifacts in America: History, Problems, and Current Methods."

Sobocinski, Carl H., "Georges Clemenceau: Visionary or Pragmatist."

Sternberg, Ruth, "Cleveland Museum of Art and the Modernizing Process: 1916-1929."


Allen, Keith, "Die Volle Befreiung der proletarischen Frauenwelt: Gender, Culture, and Class in the SPD Women's Journal, die Gleichheit, 1892-1914."

Kolcun, Brett, "The Role of Emancipation in Ohio's Regimental Politics During the Civil War."

Sampson, Joyce, "Popular Prophecies in England, 1510-1690."

Talbot, James Frederic, "Canada and NATO: For the First Generation."

Wagenaar, Larry J., "The Early Political History of Holland, Michigan, 1847-1868."

Zebley, Kathleen Rosa, "God and Liberty: The Life of Charles Wesley Slack."


McCombs, William Douglas, "The Great Outdoors of God: William H. H. Murray and Changing Nineteenth-Century American Views of Nature."

Riga, Lori Beth, "Early Modern British Histories: A Study in Political Theory."

Robinson, Lisabeth, "To Take a Life: Murder and the Popular Press of England, 1573-1660."

Rondeau, Steven A., "Immigrants, Industrialists and the Great War: Americanization in Akron, Cleveland and Youngstown, 1916-1920."


McMahon, Louis L., "The Historical Vision of G. K. Chesterton."

Moyseenko, James Joseph, "Western Perceptions of Russia From 1917 to 1921."


Burton, Gweneth Anne, "The Big Three and the Death of the European Defense Community: American, French, and British Perspectives."

Krabbendam, Hans, "Serving the Dutch Community: A Comparison of the Patterns of Americanization in the Lives of Two Immigrant Pastors."

Rich, Ronald D., "Puritan Attitudes Toward Art: Aesthetic and Cultural Patterns in the Gravestone Art of New England, 1620-1720."


Cahill, Colleen R., "The Status, Role, and Lifestyle of Union Officers in the Civil War."

Lersch, Arthur D., "Marius Racine Robinson: The Life and Beliefs of a Radical Abolitionist."


Kern, James E., "Assimilation in the German-American Community of Cleveland: The Impact of the First World War."

Morrow, Tod T., "The Controversy Concerning Ohio's Ratification of the Eighteenth Amendment."

Vinch, James J., "Mr. Justice Potter Stewart on the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals."


Drakatos, Kyriakoula, "The English Cistercian Nunneries of Yorkshire Between 1267 and 1340."

Rosenberg, Victor, "The United States and the Geneva Conference on Indochina."

Scarry, James M., "Relations Among the Nazi Elite During World War II: Competition for Power and Succession."

Thompson, Joseph Conan, "The Great-Little Battle of Pilot Knob."


Carey, Anthony Gene, "Parties Old and New: Maine Law and Anti-Nebraska Fusion in Ohio, 1853-1854."

Daley, John Leslie Sanderson, "General's Education: The Combat Leadership of High Judson Kilpatrick 1861-1864."


Ballard, Jack S., "History of the Third United States Army Corps, of the Army of the Potomac, in the Peninsular Campaign."

Benedetto, Elizabeth, "Benjamin Franklin and the Diplomatic Game."

Keefer, Bradley S., "They Stood To Their Guns: The 104th Ohio Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War."

Kester, Leigh Aaron, "Calvinists in the Tudor Church of England: Bartholomew Traheron, Alexander Nowell, William Whitaker."


Casey, Patricia, "NATO, Greece and Turkey 1949-1952."

Loizos, Dimitrios, "Land, Peasants, and State Policy in Interwar Greece (1924-1928)."

Markwardt, Richard A., "A Policy of Pragmatism: United States Diplomatic Relations With Spain, 1949-1953."

Morton, Julia Jenkins, "A Thousand Men for a Thousand Days: The 103d Ohio in the Civil War."

Reiter, Kimberly Dawn S., "The Pagan Cults of Roman Britain: The Inscriptional Evidence."

Sinke, Suzanne M., "Dutch Immigrant Women in the Late Nineteenth Century: A Comparative Analysis."


Antonini, John A., "The Shift from Isolationism: An Historiographical Study, 1919-1941."

Evans, Timothy S., "The Reality and Rhetoric of Liberation: A Study of Liberation as a Major Objective of U.S. Foreign Policy, 1952-1956."

Kurtz, John Paul, "Guatemala: 1931-1981, With Special Reference to U. S. Foreign Policy."

Mason, Kenneth, "The Battle of the Petersburg Crater."

VanWyk, Russel Duane, "The United States and the Integration of the Federal Republic: The German Election of 1953."


DiCola, Louis F., "The Korean War as Seen by the Chicago Tribune, the New York Times, and The Times of London."

Hochmann, Elizabeth Katherine-Maria, "The Distribution of the Pagan Cults of Pannonia on the Basis of Inscriptional Evidence."

Uzoechi, Innocent Ferdinand Anidile, "The British Conquest and Administration of Udi Division, 1908-1930."

Van Vugt, William E., "English Emigrant Guidebooks and Pamphlets 1860-1899: The Image of America."


Arnold, Lucinda K., "Our God, Our Country, Our Rights! The National Parish in Youngstown, Ohio, 1853-1943."

Bereznay, Kevin Joseph, "Immigration and Industrialization: A Study of Lorain, Ohio 1895-1910."

Kipp, Harrington Streat, "War Tax Resistance: The Biography of an Anti-War Organization."

Minor, Margaret Sinclair, "George Junkin: Conscience to Controversy."

Taylor, Roger R., "The Legendary Prince and the Historical Edward Tudor: A Study of Edward VI."


Folck, Linda Leigh, "A Biography of Betsey Mix Cowles."

Joling, Kenneth L., "Johann Wichern, Adolf Stoecker, Friedrich Naumann, and the Social Question, 1848-1900: Protestant Pragmatism Vs. Socialist Millenarianism."

Mazeika, Rasa Joana, "Lithuanian Relations in the Papal See (1316-1382)."

Schaper, Betty Ann, "The French Socialist and Communist Parties and the Imperial Question 1919-1940."


Matijasic, Thomas David, "Ohio's Reaction to the Fugitive Slave Law of 1850."

Powell, Walter Louis, "The New London Raid, 1781."

Waite, Charles Jeffrey, "The Impact of the Cold War on the Western Hemisphere Alliance System."

Vanderstel, David Gordon, "The Dutch of Grand Rapids, Michigan: A Study of Social Mobility in a Midwestern Urban Community, 1850-1870."


Benson, Jane A., "The Militant Persuasion: Leaders of the National Woman's Party and the National American Woman Suffrage Association."

Bowen, Nancy MacClellan, "Elizabeth Tudor's Self-Concept: An Interpretation of Her Letters."

Jurkovic, Lynne Dunn, "The United States and the Brussels Pact: The Creation of Western Unity."

Reiss, Joan F., "America's 'Last' Chance in China? The Marshall Mission Reconsidered."

Schill, Paul Anthony, "The Farm Bloc, Progressivism, and the Harding Administration, 1921-1923."

Schroer, Colleen Murphy, "From Ostracism to Rapprochement: American Diplomatic Relations With Spain, 1945-1950."

Smith, E. Timothy, "The Cold War in Italy: Italian-American Relations, 1945-1949."


Bills, Scott Laurence, "The Politics of U. S. Policy Formation toward Indochina 1945-1948."

Demming, David W., "A Social and Demographic Study of Cuyahoga County Blacks, 1820-1860."

Gorman, Thomas T., "The Goal and the Path: The Political Thought of Victor Adler."

Stropki, George Steven, "The Vice Presidency of Lyndon B. Johnson"


Herlehy, Thomas J., "The Apostle of the Sun: The Historiography and Politics of D. H. Lawrence."

Jackson, David L., "The Russian Pre-Christian Religion and Its Influence on the Religious, Social and Ethical Thought of the Kievan Period."

Johns, Lee, "The Peace Democrats of Ohio in the 1862 and 1863 Ohio Elections."

Lash, Jeffrey N., "Joseph E. Johnston and the Confederate Railroads, 1861-1865."

Rosswurm, Kevin Michael, "A Strike in the Rubber City: Rubber Workers, Akron, and the IWW, 1913."


Corbett, P. Scott, "Junks and Steamships on the Yangtze River and at the Northern Treaty Ports, 1862-1878: A Symbiotic Relationship."

Doezema, William Reynold, "Railroad Management's Accommodation With the Government, 1885-1916: Railroad Journals as a Vantage Point."

Kellogg, Jefferson Bradley, "A Study of Negro Direct Action Activity During the Depression: The Selective Buying Campaigns in Chicago, Baltimore, Cleveland, Washington, New York and Richmond."

Lamont, John A., "The Atom Bomb: Diplomacy and the Termination of the War in the Pacific."

Moore, A. Gregory, "The Preservation of Friendship: Roosevelt and the Japanese, 1905-1908."

Norwalk, Frank E., "The United States, Great Britain and Emerging India, 1941-1947."

Reddy, Sundari, "John Stuart Mill and the Women's Movement in England."


Blaine, Craig J., "Forgotten Men: A Collective Biography of Black and White Ohioans in the Ranks of the Union Army."

Cardinal, Eric J., "The Development of an Anti-slavery Political Majority: Portage County, Ohio, 1830-1856."

Cook, Stephen Randolph, "Henry Goddard: Director of the Bureau of Juvenile Research, 1919-1922."

Douglass, David George, "Emperor Tewodros II, 1855-1868."

Hiscox, Arthur R., "Oliver Cromwell's Western Design: A Study in the Survival of Elizabeth Strategy."

Mattern, James H., "Sir Austen Chamberlain and British League of Nations Policy, 1924-1929."

Naber, Joseph F., "The Harvard Loyalists in the Revolutionary Era."

Smith, Sharon, "Minnesota Espionage Act of 1917."

Spengler, Alexandra, "The Compagnie universelle du canal maritime de Suez From Its Origin to 1956."

Wilkins, Charles Phillip, "George F. Kennan and the Cold War in Europe 1947-1968."

Zinz, Kenneth M., "The Future Outlook League of Cleveland: A Negro Protest Organization."


Clifford, Amy H., "Feminism in Ohio, 1848-1857."

Di Angi, Philip Guy, "The Lost Alliance: A Study of the Social Gospellers and the American Labor Movement, 1877-1918."

Dykstra, Douglas, "The Richard Rush Ministry to Great Britain, 1818-1825."

Foroughi, Khosrow, "NATO: Battleground of Personalities, De Gaulle versus Kennedy."

Goliber, Thomas J., "Cuyahoga Blacks: A Social and Demographic Study, 1850-1880."

Gosman, Fred G., "Opposition to Abolition in Cincinnati, 1835-1840."

Grady, J. Patrick, "American Liberalism and the Poor, 1950-1959."

Kelty, James C., "Evolution of the Office of Naval Research."

Lariccia, Robert James, "A Comparison of the Religious Attitudes of St. Ignatius de Loyola and Juan de Valdes."

Lazarus, Michael, "Albert Gallatin and France 1816-1823."

Mahl, Thomas Earl, "A History of Individual and Group Action in Promoting National Gun Control Legislation During the Interwar Period, 1919-1941."

Marshall, William James, Jr., "Reuben G. Beasley in London, American Consul and Agent for Prisoners, 1811-1815."

Mohr, James D., "Heinrich Bullinger's Opinions Concerning Martin Luther."

Newcombe, Ellen Mikulak, "The Development of Volunteer Service in Social Welfare: The Junior League."

Olynyk, William N., "The Ukrainian Autocephalic Orthodox Church, 1921-1927; Its Rise and Fall in the Soviet Ukraine."

Snider, James B., "Representative John M. Vorys and Interim Aid for Europe, 1947."

Stout, Harry S., "The New England Intellectuals, 1640-1660: A Social Exploration."

Williams, Christopher Yula, "Politics and Religion in Henrician England, 1540-47."

Yeropoli, Frank William, "Francis James Jackson in the United States, 1809 to 1810."


Bender, Mark L., "The Failure of General William Hull at Detroit in 1812 and Its Immediate Effects Upon the State of Ohio."

Burton, William John, "Leaders Who Followed: The Attitudes of John Adams and Timothy Pickering Toward Black People and Slavery as a Case Study of Massachusetts Society in the Late Eighteenth Century."

Gargasz, George G., "Two Case Studies of Benedictinism."

Geary, James W., "Ohio Congressional and Newspaper Attitudes Toward the Conscription Legislation of the Thirty-Seventh Congress."

Helder, Rita Sue, "A Phase of French Feminism: La Fronde: 1897-1926."

Hope, Carolyn Ann, "Some Eschatological and Death Patterns in Massachusetts, 1620-1686."

Hunter, Henry Joseph, "The Capsulized History of Harold H. Burton."

Maroa, John M., "Christian Missions and the Evolution of Kenya Nationalism, 1844-1945."

Oldynski, John A., "Pennsylvania Germans and Their Proprietary Government 1700-1756."

Prusha, Anne B., "A History of Kirtland, Ohio."

Trongyoungmoon, Vanida, "The Economic Ideas in the Writings of Cotton Mather."

Weber, David E., "Negro Voting Behavior in Cleveland: 1928-1945."

Yang, Emily Jung-cheng, "Yalta and China."


Andolina, Joseph A., "Municipal Party Politics: The Emergence of an Opposition in the Manchester Corporation Council, 1844-1845."

Clark, Darlene, "The Propaganda of the American Colonization Society from 1816 to 1840."

Grimmett, Richard F., "Isolationist Opposition to NATO 1949-1951: A Study of Senatorial Attitudes."

Harrold, Stanley, "Opposition to the Mexican War in Ohio."

Heun, Theodore A., "The Background and History of Desegregation Under the United States Office of Education Guidelines, 1954-1968."

Koch, Joseph E., "Bishops and Clerical Celibacy in Thirteenth-Century England."

Kusmer, Kenneth L., "Black Cleveland: The Origins and Development of a Ghetto, 1890-1930."

Law, John Wesley, "Alpena, Michigan, 1900-1950."

Plant, Christopher Henri, "Benjamin Franklin's Attitudes Toward Blacks and Indians."

Robinson, Marlene, "Ohio's Reaction to John Brown's Raid."

Ross, David E., "The Movement for the Direct election of Senators, 1890-1913."

Schroder, Alan, "A History of Mortgage Lending in Portage County, Ohio, 1840-1899."

Sosnowski, Thomas C., "The Mazarinades: A Study of Seventeenth Century France."

Wardian, Richard, "Admiral Von Tirpitz and the Fatherland Party, 1917/18."

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