Writing Tools

Essays and Examples


Using Primary Sources (dohistory.org)


Making Sense of Film, by Tom Gunning (History Matters)


Making Sense of Maps, by David T. Stephens (History Matters)

Material Culture       

How to Read a Graveyard (dohistory.org)

Oral History      

Making Sense of Oral History, by Linda Shopes (History Matters)       
Step-by-Step Guide to Oral History, by Judith Moyer (dohistory.org)

Specific Types of Documents   

How to Read Probate Records (dohistory.org)       
How to Search Deeds (dohistory.org)

The Research Paper

Preparation and Research

Stages of a History Research Project (dohistory.org)
How to Make a Timeline (dohistory.org)
Research and Documenting Resources (Purdue University Online Writing Lab)
Academic Writing:  Research Papers (University of Wisconsin)


Writing Commons (Kent State University)
Revising, Editing, and Proofreading (Purdue University Online Writing Lab)

Avoiding Plagiarism

How Not to Plagiarize (University of Toronto)

Citation Methods

Citation Styles for Research Papers (Long Island University)
Guide for Documenting Electronic Resources (Purdue University Online Writing Lab)

The Annotated Bibliography

Academic Writing:  Annotated Bibliography (University of Wisconsin)