PhD in CSD - FAQ

What is the earliest I can apply?

Ph.D. applications are rolling (i.e., applications may be at any time). However, to be considered for funding support, applicants must apply by or before January 15th of the academic year preceding the anticipated start date (Fall).

What educational background do I need?

Students are required to have completed a bachelor's along with a master’s or an AuD degree, both from an accredited college or university.

Where can I obtain an application?

Prospective Ph.D. students must apply through the university's online application system.

What if none of the faculty are interested in what I want to study?

The Ph.D. in Communication Sciences and Disorders is a research-intensive, mentorship program. Students should identify a faculty mentor who does research that aligns with their intended research interests. Consider reaching out to an identified faculty mentor before applying!

When is the deadline for Ph.D. admissions?

We offer Fall semester admission to our Ph.D. program. To be considered for graduate assistantships for the coming academic year in the Ph.D. program, applications must be received by January 15.

What is your Institution Code for TOEFL iBT scores?

Our institution code is 1367.

Can I be excused from the TOEFL/IELTS requirements? What if my scores won't be available until after the deadline?

English language proficiency is a requirement for the doctoral program in CSD. You may still submit your application materials, but prospective students should provide ELP scores as soon as they are made available to be considered for admission into the Ph.D. program. Acceptance is not permissible without these scores. You should discuss with your prospective faculty mentor, should you find that your scores will be made available after the posted application deadline. Failure to do this may result in not being considered for funding.

How many applications are submitted each year? How many offers are typically made?

The number of applications received is based on a number of factors, but the main contributing factor will be the match between the applicant and the identified faculty mentor. Though we may be permitted to offer acceptance into the Ph.D. program, funding is never guaranteed.

When will I hear whether or not I have been accepted?

We currently have a rolling deadline, by which graduate faculty will review applications on a regular basis. However, to be considered for funding, the application deadline is January 15. We typically try to provide formal decisions no later than March 15.

Why wasn't I accepted with funding?

Based on budgetary constraints, funding for doctoral students is limited and never guaranteed.

I applied to KSU in the previous year. Will you re-use some of my earlier application materials?

Unfortunately, you will need to reapply to the program of interest. You may re-use application materials you uploaded on a previous application, but all materials will need to be re-entered into the electronic submission portal.

How long does the Ph.D. take?

The Ph.D. in CSD typically takes 4-5 years to complete. The first 2 years involve coursework. The comprehensive exam is typically completed in year 3. Once the comprehensive examination is completed, students will be designated as ABD (all but dissertation) and will be permitted to start their dissertation work, once they have defended their prospectus.

Do all admitted Ph.D. students receive funding? Does it matter whether I am an international applicant?

Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee funding. We do try to secure funding for incoming students, but you will only be considered for funding if your application is received by the posted deadline. After the first year of funding, given available funds, enrolled doctoral students will be reviewed and given funding pending availability of funds, but may be considered for future funding.

Do I need to fill out a separate application to be considered for funding?

No, all students will be considered for funding if they submit their application by the posted deadline.

If I'm accepted, can I defer admission for a year?

Admitted students are expected to enroll in and attend courses during the term for which they were admitted. As a courtesy, the admissions office allows admitted students to defer the term of enrollment to another term within one calendar year from the term of admission. Initial enrollment beyond one year is not permitted. To defer enrollment to a later term, students can request that change through the application portal. If you have any questions, domestic applications should contact the admissions office at and international applicants should contact the Office of Global Education at

Students who have not enrolled in or attended courses within one calendar year of admission will need to submit a new application and pay a new application fee if they wish to attend courses.

I’d like to visit campus.  How can I arrange this?

Please contact our Ph.D. program coordinator Dr. Jenny Roche ( for on campus visit arrangement.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

Please contact our Ph.D. program coordinator Dr. Jenny Roche (