In the Perception, Learning, and Individual Differences (PLAID) lab, we investigate why some people are better than others at perceiving, and learning to perceive, basic auditory and speech sounds. In particular, we examine (1) changes in auditory perception and perceptual learning during adolescence and (2) the biological factors (e.g., sex, brain circuitry) and cognitive factors (e.g., attention, memory) affecting auditory perception and perceptual learning in adolescents and young adults. This research potentially has implications for the rehabilitation of adolescents and young adults who have auditory processing disorder or who are adjusting to new hearing aids or cochlear implants.

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In the PLAID lab, we research how tweens, teens & young adults hear and listen! If you or your
child is 10 to 23 years old and would like to help with this important work, please contact (preferred) or 330-672-2415. The study consists of 4 sessions, each lasting 1.5-2 hours. Listeners receive $75 total + a t-shirt.