Speech & Hearing Clinic

Audiology Clinic

Our patient population is very diverse. We evaluate and treat pediatric population for hearing loss and central auditory processing evaluations. The clinic provides diagnostic and rehabilitative services to the campus population, including the dispensing of FM systems to aid in students successful progress in their program of study. We further support the university employees by providing occupational hearing screenings for those who are exposed to noise in the work setting. The majority of our patients are from the community and over the age of 50. We primarily see them for evaluation and treatment of hearing disorders. We dispense hearing aids and other assistive devices to help make everyday communication at home and work easier.

Audiology Clinical Supervisors: Dr. Myrna Forbes, Dr. Anne BakerDr. Julie Vogt, Dr. Aaron Messner

Speech-Language Pathology Clinic

We see a wide range of ages and disorders in our patients at our clinic. We provide diagnostics and treatments of pediatric clients with articulation, phonology, fluency, language, feeding, neurological, and voice disorders. We utilize high and low tech augmentative and alternative devices to increase the functional, non-verbal communication abilities with those who require it. We also address communication and social skills with pediatric, KSU students, and adults who have autism spectrum disorder. We see adults from the community to rehabilitate cognition, speech, and language after a diagnosis of a stroke, dementia, traumatic brain injury, or concussion. our experienced clinical instructors typically teach students using live supervision. We also have a number of specialty clinics: ELPC (English Language Proficiency Clinic), Telepractice, AAC & Social Skills Group, Social Skills Group, and SPEAK Out!® for people with Parkinson's.

SLP Clinical Supervisors: Ms. Erin Kolonich, Ms. Megan Malone, Ms. Jennifer Visker, Ms. Cara O’Flannigan, Ms. Lynn Berk.

Contact and Location:

1325 Theatre Drive
Speech & Hearing Clinic
Center for Performing Arts Building, A126
(330) 672-2672