Mission and Diversity Statements

Statement of Mission

Kent State University's School of Emerging Media and Technology is a cutting-edge interdisciplinary school designed to train tomorrow's digital leaders. Integrating elements of computer science, computer information systems, computer technology, library information science, visual communication design, journalism, communication studies, and instructional technology, it fosters a broad exposure to digital technologies as used by a wide range of professions and organizations.

Statement on Diversity

The School of Emerging Media and Technology at Kent State University is committed to a diverse faculty, staff and student body and supports a fully inclusive learning, physical and emotional environment. The School of Emerging Media and Technology offers interdisciplinary programs designed to produce technology professionals with the ability to adapt and succeed in a rapidly changing digital world. This involves a commitment to fostering a community of respect, kindness, purpose and caring inside and outside the classroom. The Emerging Media and Technology programs are collaboratively designed, delivered and evaluated to prepare students to be knowledgeable and engaged citizens in an increasingly diverse global technological community. The School of Emerging Media and Technology promotes diversity and inclusion actively be empowering faculty and staff; ensuring all students, faculty, staff and other stakeholders feel respected; and valuing our differences and unique identities.