Billing & Payment Policies

Discover everything you need to know about managing your tuition and fees with Kent State University's comprehensive billing and payment policies.


Tuition Credit Policy

Explore the guidelines and procedures for tuition credits at Kent State University. This policy outlines eligibility, application processes and conditions under which tuition credits can be granted to students.

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About the Tuition Guarantee Program

Learn about Kent State University's Tuition Guarantee Plan, which locks in tuition rates for incoming undergraduate students for four years. This program ensures financial predictability and helps students and families plan their educational expenses effectively.

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Per-Credit-Hour Fee Above Tuition Cap

Understand the Tuition Cap at Kent State University, which sets a maximum limit on the tuition fees students are required to pay. This aims to make higher education more affordable by capping the total cost of tuition over a specified period.

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University Fee Register 

Access a comprehensive list of all fees associated with attending Kent State University. This register provides detailed information on various mandatory and optional fees, helping students understand the full cost of their education.

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Authorization of Title IV Funds

Review the process and requirements for authorizing Title IV financial aid at Kent State University. This page explains how students can access federal financial aid programs and the necessary steps to ensure compliance with federal regulations.

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Withdrawal and Return of Title IV Funds 

Find important information on the procedures for withdrawing from courses and the implications for Title IV federal financial aid. This policy details how funds are calculated and returned if a student withdraws from the university, ensuring compliance with federal guidelines.

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