Registration & Student Records FAQs

Find answers to common questions related to class registration, graduation and updating your student record and personal information.

Registration and Records FAQs



Courses and Registration

When Do I Register?

Students at all eight campuses of Kent State University will process their registrations and schedule adjustments using FlashFAST during published registration periods. Access the appropriate Registrar Important Dates and Events by Term for registration deadlines.

  • For Fall or Spring classes, students are assigned a registration window called "Your Time to Register" that determines when they may register for their classes (there is no entry schedule for Summer registration).
  • Registration priority is determined by student level (graduate or undergraduate). Students should use their current level. For undergraduate students, priority is also determined by the total number of earned credit hours and registered credit hours that are in progress. (Earned Credit Hours: Includes all earned Kent State University coursework and all accepted external coursework.)
  • To determine your time to register or to see if you have an advising requirement that prevents registration, access your Registration Status page under Student / Resources / Courses and Registration in FlashLine. Your registration status is subject to change, so please check your Registration Status page often.
  • After the "Your Time to Register" window expires, entry is open to all eligible students at the same time. Access Your Time to Register Dates and Entry Schedules by Term to determine your registration window. Note: Registration dates and times are subject to change. Check back to verify your start date and time.
  • Due to high volume registration transactions during peak times, you may experience slow system response.
How do I Schedule for Classes - Register, Add or Drop?

At Kent State University, Students register for classes on FlashLine. 

Learn How To Register

How do I Withdraw From Any or All of my Courses?

At Kent State University, students can withdraw from any or all courses through the 10th week of the semester.

Students who are enrolled in flexibly scheduled sections can withdraw until that course’s prorated deadline. After that time, students are considered to be committed to all remaining courses and must complete them.

Learn How To Withdraw

Where do I Find the Final Exams Schedule?

Students can find the final exam schedule by using the calendar on our homepage. 

View Final Exam Schedule

How and When Will I Receive my Grades?

Midterm Grades:

A midterm evaluation grade is completed between the fourth and seventh week for all students in lower-division undergraduate courses (levels 00000, 10000, 20000). Midterm grades are not included as part of the students' academic transcript. Login to FlashLine to View Midterm Grades in the Student Category / Resources Page / Grades and Transcripts Section.

Final Grades:

Final grades are reported at the close of each academic term (or part of term) and become a part of the student's permanent record. Login to FlashLine to View Final Grades for the Current Term in the Student Category / Resources Page / Grades and Transcripts Section.

To view final grades and term / cumulative totals for previous terms, access your advising transcript in FlashFAST or:

Find out how to request your transcript

View the Grades and Transcript Processing Dates to determine when grades will be available in FlashFAST.


What Are the Eligibility Requirements to Graduate With Latin Honors?

Candidates for bachelor’s degrees who demonstrate high levels of scholarship throughout their undergraduate years will graduate with Latin honors.

Candidates for associate degrees who demonstrate high levels of scholarship throughout their coursework will graduate “with distinction.”

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Personal Information and Student Records

How Do I Change my Program (Major/Concentration, Certificate or Minor)?

The request for the Change Undergraduate Program can be found in FlashLine under the Student Category / Resources Page / Advising and GPS Section. 

Catalog FAQs

How do I access the online catalog?

  • The Undergraduate Catalog can be found in FlashLine in the Student Category / Resources Page / Advising and GPS Section.
  • Click here to access the Kent State University Catalog

Where do I verify my catalog year?

Your GPS audit is the official source of your catalog year. When you access the GPS audit your Catalog year will be displayed on the right side of the Degree block. Log into FlashLine and click on the Student Category / Resources Page / Advising and GPS section to access the link to GPS - Graduation Planning System.

Academic Record FAQs

How do I view my academic record?

Log into FlashLine and click on View Unofficial Transcript in the Student Category / Resources Page / Grades and Transcripts. Note: Former students who do not have access to view the online transcript may request a copy of their transcripts by following the directions on the Transcript Requests page.

What is the policy addressing the privacy of my student record?

The Student Records Policy (5-08.101 & 5-08.102) in the University's General Administration Policy Register.

How do I obtain a copy of my academic transcript?

Copies of your official academic transcript are available through a variety of delivery methods. Learn more about how to request a transcript.


Personal Information FAQs

How do I view and update my personal information?

Learn how to view or update your personal information.

How do I keep my personal information confidential?

See the Disclosure of Directory Information section on the FERPA page.