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Managing Your Charges

View your tuition and fees in FlashLine.


Official invoices (eBills) containing a breakdown of your fall 2024 charges will be issued on July 16, 2024, after 5 p.m. Check your email for the notification of the invoice (eBill). The email notification will include steps on how to access these invoices (eBills). Please note that Kent State University does not mail out invoices.

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Need to View a Prior Semester’s Past Due Balance?

If your current account balance includes a past due balance from a prior semester it can impact your current semester registration and your classes may be subject to cancellation for the current semester.

Follow the steps below to view your prior semester account balance:

  1. Log in to FlashLine
  2. Select Student > Finances > Tuition and Payments
  3. Select Student Account Summary by term
  4. Select Current Semester
  5. Your prior term balance is the difference between your “Account Balance” and your “CURRENT Term Balance”


Frequently Asked Questions

Account Information

How do I access my student account information?

Students have 24/7 access to their student account information through FlashLine. You can contact us or visit your Kent State University Regional Campus for questions regarding your student account.

To view your up-to-date account information online:

  • Log into FlashLine
  • Select the “Student/Finances”
  • Select “My Student Account Detail” under “Tuition and Payments
How do I print a statement of my account?

To print a statement of your account:

  • Log into FlashLine
  • Select the “Student/Finances”
  • Select “Print a Statement of My Student Account” under “Tuition and Payments”
What are the charges on my account?

In addition to tuition and fees, you may see charges from other services, such as Parking Services, Flash Books or Distance Learning. You can learn more about those fees below. 

Arts Fee
An Arts Fee is assessed during fall and spring terms to all Kent Campus undergraduate students enrolled in six or more credit hours with freshman, sophomore or junior status. This fee grants students one free ticket to designated theater, dance or music events. Visit the Arts Pass & Free Student Tickets website for more information.   


Distance Learning Instructional Fee 
The Distance Learning (DL) Instructional Fee applies to undergraduate and graduate students on all campuses enrolled in DL courses.

  • For DL courses: $15 per credit hour.
  • Fully online programs: $10 per credit hour.

Flash Books
Select courses provide students an opportunity to obtain required materials through the Learning Management System (LMS), which can reduce the cost of materials by up to 80%. Students enrolled in these courses will receive an email before classes start detailing the available content, cost and opt-out date. If you opt out, you’ll need to obtain the materials yourself. For additional information, visit the Flash Books FAQs or contact  


Review room rates and Housing FAQs. Questions? Email  


 International Student Fees 

The International Student Activity Fee is a required fee that funds activities, events, programming and other international student services.  

The International Student Health Insurance Fee is automatically charged when students register for classes. International students must have health insurance comparable to the university-sponsored student health plan. For assistance, contact University Health Services Insurance & Billing at 330-672-8251 or email

The Office of Global Education (OGE) determines which students are charged the Activity Fee and Health Insurance Fee.  Please contact International Admissions at 330-672-7970 or with questions.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ 


 Legal Services Fee

Student Legal Services (SLS) provides affordable legal assistance to Kent Campus students. Undergraduate and graduate students are automatically charged a nominal fee per term to participate. To learn more about SLS or receive instructions on how to opt out of the fee, visit the SLS website.  


Overload Fee

Flat Rate:

  • Undergraduates: 12-18 credit hours.
  • Graduates: 11-18 credit hours.

Additional Fee:

  • Applies to all students enrolled above 18 credit hours

Meal Plan

Review meal plan rates and Dining FAQs. Questions? Email  


Parking Permit/Tickets

To park on campus, all students must register their vehicle and obtain a parking permit. Permits may be charged to your student account. For more information and contact information, visit the Parking and Transit Services website.  

You may appeal a parking ticket through Parking and Transit Services. 


Program/Special Course Fees

Program fees, tied to the student’s primary academic program, are charged each semester and are non-refundable unless all courses are dropped during the 100% tuition credit period. 

Special course fees, assessed per credit hour each semester, are detailed in the Fee Register. “ACB” fees are based on actual expenses, including travel, practicum requirements and books. 

All program and special course fees are listed by academic year in the  Fee Register. 

Why wasn't my financial aid (loans or scholarships) awarded?

If you notice financial aid funds missing from your account, please verify the following: 

If your financial aid wasn't awarded...

  • Did you complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the appropriate aid year? 
    • If not, complete a FAFSA.
    • If selected, complete the verification process.
  • Are you maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)? 
  • Do you have outstanding requirements on your account? 
  • Check for active Financial Aid messages in FlashLine, under Financial Aid Status.

If your Federal Direct Loan did not pay to your account...

  • Did you complete your Entrance Counseling and Master Promissory Note (MPN)
  • Are you at half-time enrollment or greater for the semester? 
    • The undergraduate enrollment requirement is 6 credit hours. 
    • The graduate enrollment requirement is 4 credit hours.

If your private loan did not pay to your account...

  • Do you have outstanding requirements on your account?
    • Check for active Financial Aid messages in FlashLine, under Financial Aid Status.
  • There is a 7-10 day Right to Cancel after certification before Kent State will receive the funds.

If your Kent State scholarships did not pay to your account...

  • Are you enrolled in 12 credit hours or more at the Kent Campus (including all online courses)? You must meet the enrollment criteria. 
  • If it is a renewing scholarship...
    • Did you complete at least 12 credit hours at Kent Campus in spring and fall of the previous academic year?
    • Did you meet the GPA requirement for the scholarship? 
    • If you did not meet renewal requirements due to extenuating circumstances, you may complete a Scholarship Appeal Form.
  • If required, did you complete the Thank-You Letter?

If your external scholarships did not pay to your account...

  • External scholarships will not be paid to the account until the funds are received at Kent State and processed. This can take 2-3 days from the date of receipt.


Electronic Billing (eBill)

When will my eBill be issued?

Knowing the published eBill dates will help you plan ahead and stay on top of your college expenses. You can review the published e-Bill dates for upcoming semesters under our payment due dates.

How do I view my eBill?

Students and authorized users with access to statements will receive an email to their Kent State Email Address when a new eBill is available for viewing.

To view your eBill, visit

  • Students enter their FlashLine User ID and password under “Student”.
  • Authorized Users (if already set up) should choose “Authorized User” then select “Login”.
  • Select “Statements” from the menu bar.
  • Scroll down to the appropriate eBill or statement that you wish to view, selecting the corresponding icon under “View”.

The eBill represents a “snap-shot” of a student account at the time the bill was published. Charges and credits may have been placed on the account after the bill was published. Also, not all registration activity will result in an eBill being generated therefore please refer to “How do I access an up-to-date account balance” below for instructions on how to view your up-to-date account balance.

View Billing & Payment How To Videos

Is every student issued an eBill?

No, not all registration activity may result in an eBill being generated prior to a due date. Therefore, it is important that students verify due dates and view their up-to-date student account information through their FlashLine account.

Can I receive a paper bill instead of the eBill?

If you want a paper copy of your bill, you may either print out a copy of your e-bill or log into your FlashLine account to print a copy of your account, see the instructions below.

  • Log into FlashLine
  • Select “Student/Finances”
  • Select “Print a Statement of My Student Account” under “Tuition and Payments”
How do I set up an authorized user?

A person other than the student may have the ability to view and pay the bill as an Authorized User. Students may follow these steps to create an authorized user in the payment portal

  • Visit
  • Login with FlashLine User ID and password under “Student” option
  • Choose your Profile by selecting your name on the menu bar
  • Scroll down to “Payers” section then select “Send a payer invitation”
  • Enter the authorized user’s first name, last name and email address
  • Enter a “Message to payer” if desired
  • Select “Send invitation” button

An email will be sent to the email address entered in the invitation. Once an Authorized user account is created, students can remove access at any time and resend payer invitations. No Kent State staff can make changes to the Authorized User account or reset their passwords. 

If an Authorized User account has already been created but the login or password is unknown, the Authorized User can reset their password from “Forgot password” on the Authorized User log-in page. If the Authorized User has access to multiple student accounts, the Forgot Password link will reset the password to Authorized User account.

Are there any special computer requirements for the authorized users to be able to view or pay my eBill?

The only requirement is that they will need to have Acrobat Reader loaded on their PC. It can be downloaded for free from the Adobe website.


Payment Information

What are my payment plan options?

Kent State Offers a Monthly Payment Plan, administered by Transact. It is available for a $55 per semester enrollment fee for the fall term and includes:

  • Convenient 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2-month payment plans
  • 24-hour account access through  FlashLine
  • Toll-free personal service Monday-Friday 8 a.m. - 9 p.m. ET at 800-339-8131

Learn More About Payment Plans Learn about All Payment Options


How do I make a payment?

You can pay online using a credit card, checking, or savings account.

  • Non-credit card payments can be made at any of the Kent State University regional campuses. 
  • Check payments should be made payable to Kent State University. 
    • Payments by mail should be sent to Kent State University, Bursar's Office, P.O. Box 5190, Kent, Ohio 44242.

Make a Payment

When are schedules canceled for insufficient or no payment?

Students with an unpaid past due balance of $200 or more, from a prior term, are subject to cancellation. You will be notified via your Kent State email address if your schedule is canceled. View cancellation dates on our schedule cancellation page

Do not assume that not paying for classes will cause your schedule and housing contract (if applicable) to be canceled. If you will not be attending, you should contact your advisor to drop your classes and contact University Housing.