Student Request Information


Below you will find supporting information about various forms related to registration and records. 

All forms and requests can be found in our forms database


Personal Information Requests

Chosen Name

Creating an inclusive environment is part of Kent State University’s mission statement, and we recognize that some students use a name other than their legal name to identify themselves. Kent State University has established a process for identifying a chosen name.

Learn more about requesting a chosen name.


Update Personal Information

Students can request a legal name change, chosen name, legal sex change and other personal information updates. 

Learn more about updating your personal information.


Ohio Residency Status

To be reclassified as an Ohio resident for tuition purposes, a student must meet the residency guidelines established by the State of Ohio Law and Ohio Department of Higher Education.

Learn more about resident classification.


Academic Requests

Pass-Fail and Audit Request

Students can request to take a course  on a pass-fail and/or audit basis. 

Learn more about pass-fail and audit requests.


Transcript Requests

Copies of your official academic transcript are available through the following delivery methods. Please allow extra processing time at the beginning and ending of each semester.  

Learn more about requesting transcripts.


Petition for Exception to Registration

Students will use the Petition for Exception to Registration Form when requesting registration/schedule adjustment transactions to their class schedule after published University deadlines for the class(es).

Learn more about petition for exception to registration.


Diploma Replacement

As a graduate of the university, you may purchase a diploma to replace one that has been lost or damaged.

Learn more about diploma replacement.


Reenrollment & Reinstatement

Students can apply for reenrollment or reinstatement when returning to Kent State.

Learn more about reenrollment & reinstatement.


Credit Requests

Credit By Exam

Students with demonstrable ability and knowledge in a particular subject area may earn credit in selected courses though Credit-By-Examination (CBE).

Learn more about CBE.


One Year Option Credit

To request an evaluation of your eligibility for Ohio’s One-Year-Option articulation policy, you will need to first gather all credentials needed to verify your eligibility for credit.

Learn more about One-Year Option credit.


Retroactive Credit

Undergraduate students currently enrolled in a degree or certificate program who are placed into an advanced course through assessment or departmental review may earn retroactive credit for designated lower level course(s) in that subject.

Learn more about retroactive credit.


Student Records Requests

Enrollment Certification

The enrollment certification definition by credit hour for loan deferments, insurance coverage or any other official certification of enrollment, is determined by the University Catalog.

Learn more about enrollment certification.


Letter of Recommendation 

Requests by current and former students for letters of recommendation and verbal references are commonplace for faculty, administrators and other staff at Kent State University. 

Learn more about requesting a letter of recommendation. 


Request for Release of Records for Deceased Students

The Office of the University Registrar will evaluate each request for the release of a transcript or other academic records of a deceased student. The university reserves the right to deny the request in whole or in part. The Office of the University Registrar does not release academic records of decease students to the news media. All media requests are to be submitted to Media Relations at


Student Data Requests

The Office of the University Registrar takes the request for the release of a student’s information, whether student directory or non-student directory, very seriously. The Office of the University Registrar will ensure that all provisions of University Policy #5 - 08.101 are followed, as well as, require that requestors understand the implications of non-compliance to securing all student information. 

For additional information regarding third party data requests please visit the Public Records Requests on the Office of the General Counsel's website.

Due to staffing, please allow up to 3 weeks to complete your request.

Submit a Student Data Request.