Jury Duty

Court leave is granted with full pay to an employee who is either summoned for jury duty or is subpoenaed to appear in court.  Employees should notify their supervisor as soon as possible upon receipt of the summons or subpoena.  Employees are required to submit a copy of the subpoena to their supervisor.  Upon release from this public service, the employee should contact his or her supervisor immediately regarding return to university duties, as well as provide a copy of the court documentation.

All compensation received for court or jury duty shall be remitted to the Bursar’s Office unless such duty is performed outside of normal working hours.  A copy of the remittance needs to be sent to the Human Resources Records Department at hr-records.kent.edu.

Employees are required to record "Court Leave" in the electronic timekeeping system.  Employees not using the electronic timekeeping system should complete a Request for Leave of Absence Form (PDF).

AFSCME employees should refer to Article 31 of the AFSCME Agreement for additional information.

For assistance or questions, contact the HR Records Department at hr-records.kent.edu.