Vision Coverage

Eye exams with EyeMed Vision Care are an important part of overall health care for the entire family. The plan offers comprehensive coverage, including eye exams and discounts on eyewear. With open access to see any eye-care provider, you are free to pick the right doctor for you. Remember, when you select medical coverage through Medical Mutual, you are automatically enrolled for vision coverage at the same level of coverage as your medical election (single or family).

Is there a separate premium for EyeMed Select vision plan?

No. Your medical premium includes EyeMed coverage as well. See your premium cost by clicking on the contribution tables below:


What are the benefits of being an EyeMed Select Plan member?

  • Free yearly eye exam (Jan. 1 to Dec. 31)

  • EITHER: Frames and lens allowance up to $240 and 20% off the rest of the balance OR: Contact lens allowance up to $190

  • Lasik and PRK Vision Correction procedures get 15% off retail or 5% off promotional pricing

  • Review the EyeMed Summary of Benefits (PDF) for more information and coverage details

  • Hearing exam discounts

Is my eye care provider part of the EyeMed Select Plan?

To locate one of these top providers or our nearest in-network eye care professional, just visit the EyeMed website for more details.

Order glasses online?

As long as you have a prescription, you can order glasses or contacts online. Visit to locate an in-network provider for mail orders.

Did you know, hearing exam discounts are available through EyeMed?

Some individuals can gradually lose their hearing without noticing. So, why not use your EyeMed insurance to have your hearing checked? EyeMed has partnered with Amplifon to provide hearing exams at a discounted rate. For more information, call 877-203-0675 or visit the Amplifon website.

  • 40% off hearing exams

  • Discounts on hearing aids

  • 60-day hearing aid trials

  • Free batteries for two years with the initial purchase of a hearing aid

  • 3-year warranty plus loss and damage coverage

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