Supplemental Pay

Supplemental pay is a tool for management that allows flexibility to recognize the contributions and achievements of classified non-represented and unclassified staff.

Policy 3342-6-07.6 focuses on supplemental pay for classified non-represented and unclassified hourly staff.  This policy provides latitude in recognition, while maintaining appropriate fairness and rigor in the overall administration of salary programs.  It recognizes four types of situations that might qualify for a supplemental pay adjustment:  (1) temporary working level, (2) skill/knowledge-base, (3) additional complexity of assignment and (4) recognition of achievement.

Policy 3342-6-08.1 addresses three types of pay adjustments for unclassified staff: (1) lump sum payment, (2) temporary assignment and (3) interim assignment. The lump sum payment can be used to recognize an employee’s successful completion of a temporary and significant project.  After executive officer approval, lump sum requests must be submitted directly to the Vice President for Human Resources. Supplemental pay through the temporary or interim assignment may be considered in order to compensate an employee who is performing duties in a higher pay grade in excess of 3 months without the new duties becoming a permanent part of the employee’s job.

It is important for managers to be proactive in recognizing changing conditions in the workplace. 

*New Instructions as of 10.21.19. Please use the ETW (Employee Transaction Workflow) to request supplemental pay by selecting the circle that is titled "Request Additional or Supplemental Pay". A new supplemental pay request should be done for each renewal period.

Be sure to review your situation with a member of the Human Resources compensation team at 330-672-2100 and receive approval per the policy prior to discussing your recommendations with an employee.