POL 40995: Israel/Palestine: Conflict Resolution

This study abroad course examines some of the salient issues of the Palestinian-Israeli struggle over land. At the end of this course you will be able to articulate the positions of all the major parties to the situation, with an understanding that there are no single unified Zionist (or Jewish) or Palestinian (or Muslim/Christian) positions. You will understand the scholarly literature on settler colonialism as well as understand the effects of occupation on the occupied and occupiers. Vigorous debate and informed opinions are encouraged. 

 Apply by: TBA  ( SPRING 2023 )



Interested? Want more information? Contact Dr. Joshua Stacher or visit: Office of Global Education.

This course takes place between May 17-June 2, 2019. Students that take this course earn 3 credits of work towards their degrees. Guest Students are also encouraged to apply

  • 17 days in country (no days off)
  • All transportation, accommodations, meals, and museum fees included in the price of the course 
  • Course, tours, and briefings are in English
  • Comfortable accommodations in the Old City of Jerusalem and in Jaffa