Study Abroad

As a student in Political Science, you will have numerous opportunities to study abroad. In past years, Political Science faculty members have led study abroad trips to destinations such as Germany, London, and Israel/Palestine. Future study abroad opportunities are being planned, including a trip to Amsterdam led by Professor Anthony Molina focused on Law, Politics, and Policy in the Netherlands

The department of Political Science also participates regularly in the Florence Summer Institute as well as has a semester-long program called Destination Florence, where a  cohort of political science majors go together. Florence is a comprehensive academic and cultural program. In addition to completing a full course load, students have many opportunities to get acquainted with Florence and Italy. Open to all students and included in the program fee are activities introducing Italian life and culture. 

Kent State has international partnerships with well over 100 universities around the world. Find your passion, locate a spot on the globe, and become an agent for global change. Visit the Office of Global Education’s website for more information.



Below are some testimonies from our study abroad options:

Florence"The benefits of a political science major studying in Florence are huge. I was really interested in the student protests that were happening while I was there, and it was a great opportunity to research. Also, my classes were great!" - Grace Goodluck, Political Science Major, Florence Summer Institute

"Having already studied abroad before this trip, I knew the whole spiel about how 'it will change your life,' as travel always does. What I had not, in fact, intended was to find a passionate redirection to my career path as well. Going to Israel/Palestine changed my life in a lot of ways I never anticipated."  -Megan Swoger, International Relations (Global Studies) Major, Israel/Palestine

“It was a wonderful experience and I can honestly say I’d do it 10 times over. I made 13 new friends and explored countless new things. . . It is really an experience I won’t forget” - Dora Bichara, KSU student, Germany

"Nothing could prepare me for how much Geneva would come to change and mature me, both personally and professionally. Imagine waking up every single day with the biggest of smiles while interning for your dream organization on a daily basis. While there, my carry-on became an extension of my arm, and Switzerland became my second home. I tasted what my dream job with the UNHCR would look like, I met people who motivated me to aim high and never give up, and I made friendships that have lasted ever since." - Iris Margetis, Applied Mathematics & International Relations Major, Geneva Program