Community Policing

Community Oriented Police Services Program 


The Community Oriented Police Services (COPS) program was created to build positive relationships between police officers and the communities they serve. To foster this connection, KSU police officers are assigned specific areas on campus for regular patrol and special events. This affords faculty, staff and students the chance to communicate directly to law enforcement any issues concerning potential criminal activity within academic buildings and residence halls.

In an effort to encourage positive interaction between Police Services, faculty, staff and students, the university offers a variety of crime prevention and awareness programs to include:

  • Personal Safety
  • Alcohol and Drug Awareness
  • A.L.I.C.E  (Alert, Lockdown, Information, Counter and Evacuation) regarding active threat response

To learn more about the COPS program, or to schedule a presentation for your group regarding general crime prevention and personal safety, please contact our full-time Community Resource officer, Tricia Knoles, at 330-672-0370.


2020-2021 COPS Liaison Assigned Areas


Residence Halls

Lt. Penn:  University Housing Safety and Security, Recreation Services

Sgt. Spahr:  Beall, Leebrick, Korb, and McDowell

Officer White:  Johnson, Lake, Olson, and Stopher

Officer White & Officer Morrow: CCC, CCD, Koonce, and Wright

Officer Wilson & Officer Voyles:  Allyn, Clark, Fletcher, and Manchester

Officer Cevasco & Officer Witt:  CCA, CCB, Engleman, Dunbar, and Prentice

Academic Buildings and other Facilities

Sgt. Spahr:  Cartwright, Fieldhouse (Dix Stadium), Kent, Lincoln, Lowry, Merrill, Moulton, Stewart, and White

Officer Wilson: Airport, Aeronautics and Engineering, BSA, Bowman, Center for Performing Arts, Center for Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement, Ice Arena, Recreation and Wellness Center, and Satterfield

Officer May:  CDC, CUE, Cohn Jewish Student Center (Hillel), DeWeese Health Center, Harbort, Heer, May Prentice, Nixson, Oscar Ritchie, Rockwell, Michael Schwartz Center, and the Women’s Center

Officer White:  CAED, Cunningham, Henderson, Integrated Science Building, Liquid Crystal, MACC, MACC Annex, Math, Research 1, Smith, and Williams

Officer Cevasco:  Administrative Services, CVA, Franklin, Greek House A, Library, McGilvery, ROTC, Student Center, Taylor, UFM, and WKSU

After-hours Assignments:

Lt. Campbell and Sgt. Hammer:  Supervision of University Facilities Management Custodial Emergency Maintenance.

Officer Witt:  Rosie’s Diner

Sgt. Knotek:  Library and Student Center  

Officer Miller & Officer Morrow:  CAED (Center for Architecture and Environmental Design) and Fashion Studios

Officer Voyles & Officer Hoxworth:  Custodial & Stadium Lot Security


Lt. Shefchuk:  Assistant Director, Residential Communities and University Housing Office of Safety and Security and Eastway & Quad (Team Quadway)

Detective Weber:  Assistant Director, Residential Communities for Korb, Tri-Towers, and Twin Towers (Team Towers)

Detective Hayes:  Assistant Director, Residential Communities for Centennial Court and New Front (Team Frontennial)