Other Services

In the event you are in need of assistance in any of the following categories, please contact the Police Services Communications Center at 330-672-2212 unless otherwise noted.


Motorist Assistance

  • This service is provided by Parking Services during their operational hours.  They can assist with battery jump starts, vehicle unlocks, gas transports and tire inflates by contacting them at 330-672-4444.  When Parking Services is not in operation, we can assist with battery jump starts and vehicle lockouts.  This service is provided to anyone whose vehicle is located at the university. 

Office/Room Lockouts

  • This service is provided to university employees who accidentally lock their keys inside their office or room.  Police services will send an officer to verify authorization into that area and assist the employee with regaining access.  


  • This service is provided by University Housing's Office of Safety and Security.  Escorts are available throughout the campus when Safety Assistants are on duty.  For an escort, contact the Office of Safety and Security dispatch at 330-672-7004.  If Security Assistants are not working, we can assist with campus escorts by contacting our Communications Center. 


  • Fingerprinting can be done at the Instructional Resource Center in White Hall.  They offer electronic fingerprinting and background check services for both federal (FBI) and state (BCI).

  Employee Operator License Validation

  • All employees who operate a university owned or leased vehicle must have a valid operator license that must be checked before operating a vehicle and reviewed on an annual basis according to Administrative Policy 3342-12.5.  Contact the Records Section at police_services@kent.edu for operator license validations. 

Operator License Validations Form

Surveillance Camera Systems

  • Surveillance cameras are located throughout the University.  Cameras may be monitored by the individual purchasing department as well as Police Services.  If a department is interested in utilizing surveillance cameras, contact Officer Jeff Futo.  

Administrative Policy 5 - 12.17

Burglary Systems

  • Burglary systems and panic buttons located on University property are monitored by our Communications Center.  If a department is interested in utilizing a burglary system, contact Officer Jeff Futo.