Learn-to-Swim Lessons

We currently do not have any classes scheduled at this time but will have more for fall 2022.

Our Learn-to-Swim program offers a group instructional setting for participants of all swimming levels. Ages range from infants to teens. All swim classes are taught by American Red Cross-certified instructors.

  • Parking Passes are not included with registration and can be purchased in the SRWC Pro Shop for $11/month.
  • All lessons will be in the Leisure Pool.
  • All lessons will have a maximum capacity of 4 participants except Parent Child which will have a maximum capacity of 6 participants.
  • Instructors will have the option of wearing face shields for their comfort.

Not sure what level to put your child in?

Fill out the following form to be emailed with the correct level based on the information provided.

Swim Lesson Placement Form

LTS Pricing
  • Pricing for children 4 and under will be based on parent/guardian membership status.
  • Pricing for children 5 and older will be based on their membership status.
  • Student/Member: $46
  • Non-student/Non-member: $55
LTS Class Descriptions


Level 1

This class introduces basic skills to parents and children. Parents learn how to safely work with their child in the water including how to appropriately support and hold their child in the water and how to prepare and encourage their child to participate fully and try the skills. Children receive an introduction to basic skills that lay the foundation for learning to swim. In addition parents are introduced to several water safety topics. *An adult must be present in the water with each child.

Level 2

Parent and Child Aquatics Level 2 builds on the skills introduced in Level 1. Participants improve on these skills and learn more advanced skills in Level 2. As with Level 1 water safety topics are also included in this level. Both parents/guardians and children have a familiarity in the water; learning the role of an adult in the learning process of swimming will continue to be a focus. This class is not designed to teach children to become good swimmers or to survive in the water on their own. *An adult must be present in the water with each child.


Level 1

This class is designed for children who do not have previous experience in a structured class setting or being away from their parents/guardians in the water. Children will work on basic swimming skills to become comfortable in the water. Skills will be learned through play and incidental learning to encourage a fun and enjoyable experience in the water. Preschool 1 introduces basic aquatic skills. In addition children start developing positive attitudes and safe practices around the water in Preschool Aquatics Level 1. 

Level 2

The objectives of Preschool 2 are to further develop basic aquatic skills. Children begin to perform these skills at a slightly more advanced level (for example: for longer lengths of time for longer distances or in deeper water). Many skills in Preschool 1 are performed with assistance. Preschool 2 marks the beginning of independent aquatic locomotion skills. Children continue to explore using simultaneous and alternating arm and leg actions on the front and back to gain greater proficiency in preparation for performing strokes.

Level 3

The objective of Preschool 3 is to increase children’s proficiency in performing previously learned skills. This is accomplished by providing additional guided practice and increasing repetitions distances times or levels of refinement. The skills in Level 3 are performed independently. Children improve their coordination and control of combined simultaneous arm and leg actions and alternating arm and leg actions. New water safety topics are introduced and previously acquired water safety knowledge and skills are reinforced.

Learn to Swim


This class is designed to orient participants to the aquatic environment and to help them gain basic aquatic skills. In addition participants start learning about how to be safe around water.


This class is designed for children who have successfully completed Level 1: Introduction to Water Skills. Learn to Swim Level 2 builds on the basic aquatic skills and water safety skills and concepts learned in Level 1. Participants begin to perform skills at a slightly more advanced level and begin gaining rudimentary propulsive skills on both the front and the back. This level marks the beginning of independent aquatic locomotion skills.


This class builds on the skills learned in Levels 1 and 2. Participants learn to swim the front crawl and elementary backstroke at rudimentary and proficient levels and are introduced to the scissor and dolphin kicks. Upon successful completion of Level 3 participants will have achieved basic water competency in a pool environment.


This class is designed for children who have successfully completed Level 3. In Level 4 participants improve their aquatic skills and increase their endurance by swimming the strokes learned in Level 3 for greater distances and with more advanced proficiency. Participants add arm actions to the previously learned scissor kick and breaststroke kick to perform the rudimentary sidestroke and to learn the breaststroke. Participants also begin to learn the back crawl and butterfly as well as the basics of performing a simple open turn at a wall.


This class is designed for children who have successfully completed Level 4. In Level 5 participants refine their performance of all six strokes (i.e. front crawl back crawl butterfly breaststroke elementary backstroke and sidestroke) and increase the distances that they swim. Participants also learn to perform flip turns on their front and back.


The objective of this level is to refine strokes so participants swim with greater efficiency and effectiveness over longer distances. A great transition from Learn-to-Swim to competitive swimming this course is designed to refine participants strokes in order to increase ease efficiency power and smoothness over greater distances.


This class is designed for adults with little to no experience in the water. Participants will learn the basic swimming techniques and have the opportunity to develop their own personal swimming goals. There will be an introduction to basic aquatic skills and swimming strokes including: the front crawl breaststroke and elementary backstroke.