Please complete and submit the appropriate form. Forms can be submitted to researchcompliance@kent.edu. The Minor Changes and Addition of Personnel forms are online and automatically submitted to the IACUC for review.

Questions about Material Transfer Agreements can be directed to Technology Commercialization.

Request to Use Animals — YOU MUST SUBMIT CITI AND OCC HEALTH CERTIFICATES. Complete this form to be sure  regulatory requirements are met when live vertebrate animals are to be used in a project at Kent State University. IACUC must review all research, teaching, and testing activities involving the vertebrate animals.

Participant Qualifications — If you are seeking approval for a protocol that will have more than four persons working on the project, you must complete this form, attach it to the protocol request, and submit it to the IACUC coordinator before IACUC approval of the protocol can be granted. All study personnel must provide documentation of IACUC training and enrollment in the occupational health program.

Addition of Personnel — (REVISED 9/21/20) Complete this online form for each person that you want to add to an approved protocol. All new study personnel must upload documentation of CITI and Occupational Health training into the system. The form can be submitted by the PI or any other project member, including the new personnel, that has been delegated authority to do so by the PI. For informational purposes, you can preview the form here.

Change Forms - You must complete one of these forms if you want to propose procedural changes or additions that involve living animals to an approved "Request to Use Animals" protocol.

  • Modification of Existing Protocol — You must complete this form if you want to propose a significant procedural change(s) or addition(s) that involve living animals to approved "Request to Use Animals."
  • Minor Change Form - You must complete this online form if you want to propose non-significant procedural change(s) or addition(s) that involve living animals to an approved "Request to Use Animals."
  • Please review the Minor Change Policy

Annual Review/Completion/Termination — You must complete this form annually if you are seeking renewal or completion/termination of a "Request to Use Animals" protocol. If your project continues longer than three years, you must complete a new "Request to Use Animals" form and submit it to IACUC before the three-year anniversary of the original approval. Requests must be submitted to IACUC at least 30 days prior to protocol expiration date.

Training Log — This form can be used to document personnel training.

Holding protocol - this can be used to provide care for animals that are not assigned to a protocol. This protocol only allows for typical husbandry and veterinary care.

  • Placement
  • Removal