IRB Forms

News and announcements:

Kuali IRB and IBC E-Protocols are live. 

  • Help resources are available under the Kuali IRB Application header below.
  • "Paper" applications for new projects are no longer accepted.
  • IRB - use Legacy Forms to file amendments, continuing reviews, and "events" if your project was approved through the "paper process."  

IT Data Governance Brown Bag (November 8, 2023)

IRB Education Series

  • Introducing the IRB Education Series 1.0! great for online and in person classes!
  • Our IRB Education Series was developed to foster greater understanding of human research subject protections and knowledge of IRB processes at Kent State University and is designed to be easily accessible and accommodating; all modules include a short video, quiz and tip sheet and are available in series or as individual components.  
  • Access the series online today!