New Faculty Teaching & Mentoring Program

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Welcome to the New Faculty Teaching & Mentoring Program (NFTMP)! This program is designed to support our new Kent State faculty from across our eight-campus system as they transition into their new roles. Throughout this program, we will connect you with faculty mentors, provide opportunities to develop and refine your teaching practices, and offer insights into how to navigate the Kent State system, including the RTP (reappointment, tenure, promotion) and renewal processes.

All new faculty are encouraged to participate in this program, as well as any faculty member in their first three years at Kent State. Tenure-track (TT) as well as Full-time NonTenure Track (FTNTT) and NonTenure Eligible (NTE) faculty will all find benefit in our programming, from the fall teaching-focused programming to the spring professional development and navigating Kent State University programming. Both semesters include dedicated time with mentors who have navigated the role new faculty are just beginning. Completion of this program will result in documentation, shared with your department chair, that can be utilized to show your commitment to your own professional development. 

Program Structure

The program is divided into two parts: 

  • Fall Semester: These seven in-person meetings will allow us to dive deeply into best practices related to teaching
  • Spring Semester: These seven virtual meetings will examine topics related to the Kent State systems and structure, how to prepare RTP materials, and general strategies for developing healthy and productive habits as a new faculty member

Throughout both semesters, new faculty will have the opportunity to work with a variety of experienced faculty mentors who will offer insights, expertise, and personalized support. Faculty we encouraged to participate in either/ both of the Fall and Spring programs at any time during their first three years at Kent State. 

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Fall 2024 Schedule

We will meet on Fridays, 9:30-11:00 am in CVA 255 throughout the Fall 2024 Semester

  • August 23: Building Community
  • September 6: Inclusive Teaching: Creating Belonging and Equity
  • September 20: Course Design and Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
  • October 11: Navigating Difficult Conversations
  • November 1: Assessments
  • November 15: Reflecting on your Teaching
  • December 6: Gamification and Playful Learning


Spring 2025 Topics

We have not yet set a time for meetings in spring, but this semester will have seven meetings focused on topics such as:

  • Building Community
  • Utilizing Mentor Maps and Setting Mentoring Relationships
  • Faculty Roles and Responsibilities, Kent State University Structures (part 1)
  • Self-Care and Work-Life Fit
  • Faculty Roles and Responsibilities, Managing Various Roles (part 2)
  • Setting Goals for Success:  Aligning your Work with Unit Expectations
  • RTP/Renewal Teaching Evidence and the Teaching Narrative 




Reflections from Past Participants

“This was wonderful and I'm so glad Kent offers it.”

“I really enjoyed the consistency of meeting . . . .I also liked that it was a mix of CTL [staff], mentors, and new faculty. [The program] brought a lot of great perspectives. Thank you!”

“[F]eeling confident that if I need something, I know either where to find the information/where to look for the information, and if I don't know where to look, I know who to ask.”

“Finding the resources that I could use in my classroom and discussing my hardships with people who could give suggestions and help.”

“Learning about a variety of topics that would have taken much more time for me to try to seek out on my own. Instead of searching for information when I need it, I feel prepared for when I need it.”

“As a regional campus faculty member, sometimes I feel disconnected from main campus/the community as a whole. I may not have been the most vocal of participants, but I think the entire CTL staff and the various faculty mentors ended up feeling like a true work family to me, and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I could reach out to any one of them about anything at all, and they would truly be delighted to help me however they could. That alone is an invaluable resource, not to mention everything I learned along the way!”