Teaching Recognition Awards


The objective of the teaching development awards program is to recognize actions that enhance teaching and learning at Kent State University. The program allows instructors to earn tiered awards (bronze, silver, gold & platinum) for their efforts to learn about, implement, evaluate and investigate evidence-based instructional practices. All instructors at Kent State, including graduate students and faculty of all appointment types (TT, NTT, adjunct) are eligible to participate.

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The teaching recognition program is designed to reward instructors for their efforts to enhance teaching and learning. The program is tiered:

BRONZE AWARD: recognizes learning best practices for instruction and developing a plan to use them.

SILVER AWARD: recognizes the design and implementation of a teaching project.

GOLD AWARD: recognizes scholarly examination of teaching projects and sharing results with colleagues.

PLATINUM AWARD: recognizes scholarly dissemination and leadership in the area of teaching and learning.

The typical progression through the faculty awards program would involve earning each award in sequence for a particular teaching project, beginning with the Bronze award and ending with the Platinum award; however, special consideration may be given to those faculty who have already progressed beyond the learning/planning stages at the inception of the awards program, for projects initiated within the last 3 years.

There are no upper limits to the number of awards you can recieve.  

Applications are can be found below. Applications must be completed and submitted to ctl@kent.edu. Please see details below.

Email Teaching Development Recognition Award Application

Administration of Program

All award activities must be documented and submitted for review to ctl@kent.edu, using application forms provided below.  Team project and collaborative activities are supported; however, each member of the group will need to submit their own application materials. Award applications will be evaluated by a committee of faculty and pedagogy experts (such as staff from the CTL and Online Teaching).   Applicants will hear back within 10 business days, of turning in their application, regarding the status of the award.   Award winners will receive certificates of achievement that will also be forwarded to their units; in addition, they will be publicly recognized on the CTL website, newsletter and possibly at an event. 

Award Details

Bronze MedalLearn & Plan

The Bronze Award in Teaching Development recognizes learning best practices for instruction and developing a plan to use them.

  • Learn about best practices for instruction through attending workshops, participating in learning communities and/or reading
  • Consult with the Center for Teaching and Learning or The Online Learning Team (online classes) regarding best practices encountered and plans for implementation
  • Develop a plan to enhance, redesign an aspect of your course or create a new course at Kent State (such as implementing a new teaching/learning or assessment strategy) 
  • Reflect on the plan (potential challenges, potential impacts on students)

Download Bronze Recognition Award Application

Silver MedalDesign & Implement

The Silver Award in Teaching Development recognizes the design and implementation of a teaching project.

  • Extend learning of best practices
  • Consult with CTL/Online Learning Team regarding implementation
  • Implement the project in a course; (often identified in the bronze award).
  • Solicit peer feedback regarding the teaching project
  • Conduct, document and evaluate results (self-evaluations, reflection, student evaluation 

Download Silver Recognition Award Application

Gold MedalAssess & Share

The Gold Award in Teaching Development recognizes scholarly assessment and revision of innovative course components and sharing results with colleagues.

  • Learn how to assess the impact of teaching practices on student learning in a scholarly way (reading, workshops, faculty learning communities on the scholarship of teaching and learning)
  • Consult with CTL regarding scholarly examination of teaching and learning
  • Conduct scholarly assessment of teaching/learning practices
  • Analyze and reflect on outcomes, including student evaluations and peer reviews of teaching 
  • Use results to revise/refine teaching
  • Share results with colleagues (local conferences, workshops, departmental seminars)

Download Gold Recognition Award Application

Platinum Medal

Disseminate & Lead

The Platinum Award in Teaching Development recognizes scholarly dissemination and leadership in the area of teaching and learning.

  • Scholarly dissemination of project results (publication, presentation at a nationally recognized meeting)
  • Lead efforts to improve teaching and learning (through mentoring others, serving as a peer reviewer, providing critical feedback on achievements of other award applicants, facilitating a learning community)

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