Center for Teaching and Learning

Our Mission

The Center for Teaching and Learning provides support for faculty to learn about, implement, and engage in scholarship on teaching and learning practices that are student-centered, evidence-based, innovative, and inclusive.

    Our Approaches

    • Student-centered: We promote “Students First” approaches that center the student learning experience in all aspects of teaching, including curriculum, course design, course delivery and assessment

    • Evidence-based:  We provide guidance on teaching and learning strategies that are grounded in research. 

    • Innovative:  We encourage exploration of innovative, cutting-edge pedagogy that is focused on student success.

    • Inclusive:  We affirm the value of diverse experiences, identities, backgrounds, and perspectives and are committed to teaching and learning practices that actively promote equity and inclusion.

    Main areas of service:

    • Connect, network, and support continuity in opportunities for faculty to explore, research, and support student learning.
    • Serve as a portal of all information and services related to faculty at Kent State University.
    • Offer expertise and consultation related to specific areas of scholarship and professional issues related to teaching and learning.
    • Provide peer observations and guidance on teaching innovations and improvement.