Our Services

The Center for Teaching and Learning is dedicated to providing the following services.

Career Development

Consultation and resources for faculty at different stages of their academic career. Access to the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD), of which Kent State University has an Institutional Membership.

Community Building

Through thematic communities of practice, the center will provide support for small groups of faculty to study particular issues related to faculty development. 

Conducting and Disseminating Research on Student Learning

The center staff can provide suggestions and support for researching student learning within a course.

Innovation Studio Consultations

The innovation studio provides faculty with a place to try out tools, gain insight into methods to use the techniques and obtain support in implementing these tools in courses. The Center for Teaching and Learning consults with faculty in the studio, whether they want to enhance a face-to-face class or develop content for a flipped module. Do you want to develop narrated PowerPoints? Our Digital Audio Workstation has computers, web-cams, and a variety of microphones. Do you want to try out some new tools to engage students? IPads with Apps for writing over presentations, document cameras, clickers, and plickers are some of the tools we have available.

Contact LeighAnn if you are interested in a consultation. 

International Guest Speakers

Presentations and facilitated workshops by faculty from Kent State University as well as other institutions with expertise in the area of teaching and student learning.

New Faculty Orientation

The Center assists in planning and implementing the New Faculty Orientation Workshop each Fall semester.

Teaching Consultations (Individual or Department)

We will locate resources and researched best practices regarding teaching and learning issues relevant to you or your department.
(e.g., intergenerational differences and similarities, active learning, flipping the classroom)

Teaching Observations

Observations of classroom and online teaching with follow-up consultation.

Technology Integration Consultations

Assistance with instructional design and educational technologies.

University Teaching Council Support

The Center provides technical and administrative support for this university-wide committee.