Active Learning Classroom

Fall 2024 CVA255 schedule has been made.  The rooms is still available on M/W 745am - 11am, 12:15p - 2:15pm and after 3:30 on W/R.  Please turn in your request today as they will now be taken on a first-come first serve basis.  

Classroom Description

Center for the Visual Arts (CVA) room 255 accommodates 30-35 students, naturally encourages group work and active-learning with movable tables and chairs and Chromebooks for each student. In addition to the two double-sided moveable whiteboards in the room, the walls are covered in magnetic whiteboards. 


For priority consideration, submit your request before November 1st of the Fall/April 1st of the Spring* semester prior to the requested term.  *Spring 2025 requests turned in before 4pm on Friday April 5th will have priority consideration.

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is available to work with you to implement active learning strategies, enhance your teaching experiences and to support you in conducting teaching/learning research in this space.

Benefits of using CVA251 include:

  • A great space for active learning
  • Support from the Center for Teaching & Learning
  • Collaboration on presentations/publications to highlight your teaching innovations

Please contact The Center for Teaching and Learning to speak with LeighAnn Tomaswick at, for more information about your interest in using the classroom.


Request to use CVA 255 for your class

Calender fills up quickly so please submit your request below as soon as possible.   To have priority consideration, submit your request before week 10 of the Fall/Spring semester prior to the requested term.  


three photos from CVA255