Workshops in a Flash

We have over two dozen offerings to choose from - or request a different topic. Invite us to a meeting for a quick introduction to evidence-based instruction. See below for more information. 

Workshops in a Flash

Workshops in a Flash are 15 minute mobile mini-workshops, facilitated by CTL staff.  They are designed to be delivered to groups of instructors during informal gatherings or departmental meetings. Workshops in a Flash are meant to start exploration of a chosen topic with continued support from the Center as requested. 

Each workshop provides:

  • An introduction to an evidence-based practice
  • Potential reasons instructors might incorporate the technique in their course
  • Examples of how the technique can be implemented
  • An opportunity to apply the technique to their course

Note:  If you have 30 minutes, please choose two topics of interest. Any of these topics can be expanded to a 60 minute workshop where faculty develop specific elements for their classes.

Interested but not sure which one(s) your group would like, feel free to make a copy and send this form to your group.  

Already know which workshop in a flash works best for you group, Request a Workshop in a Flash 

For a 1-page summary of all offerings (pdf) 

Reorganized Topics

As we have continued to develop more workshops, we have reorganized them into various themes.  We hope this will help you and your colleagues better be able to pick which one(s) you'd like us to facilitate for you.  

Currently we have the following themes

  • Quick Ways to Engage Students
  • Knowing What Your Students Know / Testing as a Learning Experience
  • General Topics
  • Supporting Connection, Community & Belonging
  • Hybrid Environment Topics