BIPOC Community Gathering

BIPOC Community Gathering for Students, Faculty, and Staff

What Is A Community Gathering?

College of the Arts Community Gatherings are for BIPOC students, faculty, and staff and will continue in the Spring of 2024.

The BIPOC Community Gathering is a place where real conversations are had.  It is a place where BIPOC people can come to discuss and find a reprieve from today's societal challenges.

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Upcoming Community Gatherings

All events in the BIPOC Community Gathering event series are free and open to the public. We welcome students, faculty, administrators, and staff from the College of the Arts and throughout the University. It is our hope to have a diverse audience so that our conversations include multiple voices and perspectives.

BIPOC Community Gathering: Faculty and Staff Edition

  • Community Conversation: Meet and Greet

  • Friday, April 5, 2024

  • noon-1:30 p.m.

  • Murphy Auditorium: Kent State University Museum  

Join us to meet other members of the BIPOC community from within the College of the Arts in an informal social gathering! This is also a great opportunity to meet our new director of academic diversity outreach for the College, Marquis Davis. Bring your own lunch and engage in conversation and community. 

What Does BIPOC Stand For?

BIPOC: Black, Indigenous, and people of color: used especially in the U.S. to mean Black people, Indigenous American people, and other people who do not consider themselves to be White.

Definition pulled from the Cambridge Dictionary

Contact the Academic Diversity Outreach Director:

Marquis C. Davis

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion    KSU Division of People, Culture, and Belonging