Airport Briefing Room Sponsorship Initiative

The FedEx Aeronautics Academic Center (FAAC) is a state-of-the-industry educational facility. By nature of the operation, the facility naturally lends itself to teaching and learning opportunities for students. The FAAC and the Kent State Airport (1Golf3) co-exist, creating a dynamic, real-life and hands-on training where upon graduation, our students soar, wings out, toward a future they had a hand in creating.

Professional Pilots in Pursuit of Passion and Purpose

The foundation of the Professional Pilot program is the 1:1 instruction with a Certified Flight Instructor and in an aircraft. This individualized instruction is imperative to the students’ academic, personal, and professional success.

Students and CFI's utilize the briefing rooms for pre/post flight briefing with access to: current maps and charts, a computer for access to current Aeronautical Information Service (AIS) information, meteorological information, communications to ATC and the operations room, and flight safety information related to flights.

What's missing in the Briefing Rooms? You!


The [Your Organization Here] Briefing Room

With the current hiring boom in the airline industry, Kent State University has become a major resource for airlines who are struggling to fill the massive need for pilots. The Airport Briefing Room Sponsorship Initiative provides support for our students and programs, simultaneously providing  our industry partners with the opportunity to have their name on a space that is visited daily by our Professional Pilot students.

Industry Partners may elect to sponsor a briefing room through a philanthropic commitment spanning a set number of years. The gifts will be directed to the Aeronautics Advancement Fund, a fund that supports the greatest needs of our Aeronautics programs. In recognition of this commitment, sponsors will have the opportunity to name a briefing room for a 10-year period.

Briefing Room sponsors will be invited and encouraged to interact with our students as industry partners at career fairs, industry events, mock interviews and more. Sponsors may also provide corporate branding items for the walls in their briefing room if desired.

Briefing Room Partners receive the following for a 10-year period:

  • Corporate “Branding Items” for the walls of “YOUR” room
  • Opportunity to utilize “YOUR” room throughout the year to interact with KSU students,
  • KSU graduates, faculty and staff
  • Opportunities to interact with our students at various airport events
  • CAE and Airport Tour / Lunch with the Dean and CAE Aeronautic Leadership
  • Recognition on CAE and Airport videoboards
  • Recognition on CAE website
  • Two dinner tickets to the annual fall “Pinning Ceremony”

Eligible Briefing Rooms

Small Briefing Rooms (18) - $10,000 paid over a maximum of 5 years.

Large Briefing Rooms (2) - $15,000 paid over a maximum of 5 years.