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Dexter Shreve portrait

Dexter Shreve '13

Dexter credits the hands-on learning experiences for preparing him for the real-world challenges of his career. In particular, the Materials and Processes class provided him with essential skills in machining, welding, and casting, which he later applied in various engineering roles.





Ethan Duncan portrait

Ethan Duncan '23

From his very first visit to Kent State College of Aeronautics and Engineering (CAE), Ethan Duncan felt right at home. The allure of the campus and the immersive air traffic controllers resonated deeply and he felt an immediate sense of belonging and excitement for what lay ahead. Reflecting on his time at CAE, Ethan recalls the air traffic labs as the highlight of his academic journey. These hands-on experiences provided a glimpse into the real-world career of an air traffic controller. Armed with the skills and knowledge acquired in these labs, Ethan was well-prepared for the trials and victories that awaited him after graduation.



Linell Olecki posing with Dr. I. Richmond Netty

Linell Olecki '06

Although initially aiming to become a pilot, Linell discovered a deeper interest in airport management, ultimately shaping her career path. Post-graduation, she launched her career as an airport properties specialist with the city of Philadelphia’s Department of Aviation, gaining invaluable insights into the architecture/engineering/construction (AEC) industry. Joining AECOM in 2010 as an airport planner, Linell's dedication and growing responsibilities led to her rise as a senior airport planner and then a project manager.




Patrick Baker

Patrick Baker '21

Patrick recently completed his Master of Engineering Technology in Mechanical Engineering degree. Once he graduates, he will be moving to Nevada to work at Tesla as a Control Systems Engineer, a job he was able to obtain through the network he created at KSU.






Benjamin "FLASH" Wiford

Major Benjamin "FLASH" Wiford '08

Major Benjamin “Flash” Wiford is a 2008 graduate of Kent State University with a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Systems Engineering Technology and fulfilled his dream of becoming a pilot in the United States Air Force.







Kris Palcho Profile Pic

Kris Palcho '90

Kris graduated from Kent State University in 1990 with a bachelor's degree in general studies (BGS) and a minor in flight technology. In 2016, she graduated with a master's of public administration with an emphasis on public policy. Currently, Kris works for the Federal Aviation Association, Flight Standards Service Leadership Development Branch as a Leadership Coach and Team Development consultant while also serving as a member of the National Alumni Board.




Tanya_Wenneman Profile Photo

Tanya_Wenneman ’15

"My time at Kent State had a large impact on my career aspirations. Although I enrolled at Kent State with the intention of becoming an air traffic controller, my horizons and passions were broadened because of the additional courses I took (outside of primary ATC classes)."



Doug Bitter Profile Photo

Doug Bitter ’15

"The students and faculty at Kent State had a tremendous impact on my career path. I was inspired by my instructors’ knowledge, the passion of the professors, and the driven yet collaborative mindset of my peers. My time at Kent State provided me with great experience and motivated me to become the pilot I am today."


Andrea Deyling Profile Photo

Andrea Deyling ’19

Andrea Deyling ’19 began flying airplanes at Kent State University as a flight student, then became a certified flight instructor (CFI). After graduating with honors, with a bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Technology, she worked in Kitty Hawk as a pilot and safety instructor (eVTOL aircraft), then as an Airship Ventures/Zeppelin pilot, a high degree operations/chief airship pilot.

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Ali Salih

Ali Salih ’05

IT consultant at Blue Chip Consulting Group.

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Head Shot of Daniel A. Wolfe

Daniel A. Wolfe

Daniel A. Wolfe, VP/General Manager, and Aircraft Captain, Nationwide Aviation Business Center. My time at Kent State was truly the foundation for my post-collegiate jobs.

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Photo of Alejandro Galioto

Alejandro Galioto ’98

CEO at True-Course Aviation Insurance, Los Angeles, CA. The aviation education was the best education I have ever received. The focus on procedures and clarity in the name of safety has stayed with me to this day. Not just flying airplanes but approaching any situations with risk.

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Head Shot of Clint Hess

Clint Hess ’16

As a recent engineering graduate of the College of Aeronautics and Engineering (CAE), Clint Hess’16, has already earned the role of a Foundry Manager with Adalet Enclosure Systems. 

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Photo of Ted Orris

Ted Orris ’83

As a tenured pilot with Southwest Airlines, Ted Orris’83 has stayed involved with his alma mater. He has been involved in College of Aeronautics and Engineering events, serving as a keynote speaker for Safety Day and was honored at the 2018 Vision 21 Awards Banquet.



Madg al Harbi

Madg al Harbi, '18

Degree: Mechatronics Engineering Technology, BS
Employer: Tesla
City: Reno, NV






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