Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

Get excited to unlock your inner imagineer!

Join Kent State’s Women in Engineering Club for Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day! Girls and other gender minorities in grades 7-12 are invited to campus for a day of STEM activities to introduce participants to engineering and related career fields. Participants will receive campus tours as well as tours of the Aeronautics and Engineering Building, home of the College of Aeronautics and Engineering (CAE), before rotating through a variety of activity sessions where they will be given a real-world problem to solve with the tools and technology in front of them.


Features of this Event 

Student participants will participate in and/or receive: 

  • Kent State University Kent campus tours; 
  • Aeronautics and Engineering Building tours; 
  • Complimentary lunch;
  • Resource fair with Kent State CAE staff, STEM-centered student organizations, and other local organizations that identify with our cause;
  • A letter-writing campaign where participants will be asked to write a letter to their future self. Letters will be mailed four years after this event; 
  • Swag bags, free t-shirts, and more! 


Parents, Support Systems, and educators 

Parents, support systems, and educators are also welcome to attend this event. Participants will remain with any parents or educators in attendance during check-in and the welcome address. When participants leave for their campus tours, parents and educators will remain for an informational session followed by a Q&A about how to encourage and support Women in STEM in their lives. After this session, parents and educators will also have the opportunity to visit the resource fair. Parents, support systems, and educators are more than welcome to attend and will be invited to explore campus and/or the beautiful city of Kent on self-guided tours after their resource fair; Activities and sessions following the resource fair will only be open to student participants.   


Cost of attendance

This event is free for participants, parents, and educators.

Denotations are accepted. 



Registration for this event will be individual registration only. Groups are encouraged to attend, however individual participants must register on their own, and Women in Engineering can not guarantee that all members of a group will remain together throughout the day.

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