Final Examination Dissertation Committee

This committee is comprised of graduate faculty members and is appointed by the candidate's program when the candidate has developed an appropriate dissertation topic and has an approved Advisor. Normally, this committee will consist of a minimum of the Advisor (who will act as chair of the committee), two additional members from the candidate's program, and one faculty member from a discipline outside the program. (NOTE: only one of the four members may be A-3 or F-3 Graduate Faculty Status. All others must have Full-Time Graduate Faculty Status.)

The Advisor and at least two of the remaining three must be members of the Graduate Faculty who have been approved to direct dissertations. If a Co-Advisor is desired, s(he) should be included in the above members. If, for warranted reasons, it is desirous to have a person on the committee who does not meet the above qualifications, special permission must be obtained from the Dean.

Graduate Faculty Representative

When the Advisor believes the dissertation is ready for preliminary approval, it will be circulated in easily legible form among the members of the committee. At the time the entire dissertation is first circulated to the Dissertation Committee, the Dean must be notified to request the appointment of the Graduate Faculty Representative to serve on the Examining Committee. To allow sufficient time to identify a graduate faculty representative, the advisor should make the request at least 30 days in advance of the anticipated week of the oral defense.

The Advisor will allow a minimum of a ten-day period for reading of the dissertation and will then convene the dissertation committee (without the candidate) for the purpose of evaluating it. The Graduate Faculty Representative must be notified of this meeting and invited to attend (and vote) on the readiness of the dissertation for final defense. Recommended revisions will be noted by the Advisor and communicated to the candidate, and when in the opinion of the Advisor and the candidate, the appropriate revisions have been made, the Advisor will inform the Graduate Coordinator, the Chairperson/Director, and the Dean.

To request the Graduate Faculty Representative simply fill out the Graduate Faculty Representative form and email it to Dr. Lique Coolen