Getting Started

Since undergraduate research is individualized, it can take some time and effort to get started. Initial information about different kinds of research opportunities for undergraduates may be available on departmental websites (e.g., Biological SciencesChemistry & BiochemistryEarth Sciences, PhysicsPolitical Science, and Psychology).

Begin by thinking about your interests and identifying faculty members with similar research interests.  Departmental websites provide faculty profiles with information such as expertise, research interests, and recent publications.  Information about research groups and links to research group websites may also be available.  Once you have some background, set up an appointment to discuss possibilities with your advisor or a faculty member whose research matches your interests.

Credit for Coursework 

To receive academic credit for research through coursework such as Individual Investigation or Senior Honors Thesis, check with your department for information on eligibility requirements, registration, participating faculty, and current research topics. Initial information can often be found on departmental websites or by checking with your departmental office.  Schedule an appointment with your advisor or a faculty member whose research matches your interests for more detailed information.  A faculty member must agree to serve as your research advisor before you can register for Individual Investigation.  Additional approvals must be obtained from the department and the Honors College before you can register for Senior Honors Thesis.

Undergraduate Research Assistant 

Check your departmental website or office for information on the availability of these positions which may be paid or volunteer.

Undergraduate Research Programs & Internships

Undergraduate research programs and internships can provide students with the opportunity for concentrated research participation. They are often held over the summer, but may also be conducted during the academic year and may include financial compensation.

The Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program sponsored by the National Science Foundation offers research opportunities in many different disciplines.  REU sites are located at KSU, throughout Ohio, and across the United States.

Undergraduate research programs and internships are also sponsored by many other organizations.


Undergraduate opportunities to participate in fieldwork can be found on sites provided by the Departments of Anthropology and Geology (e.g., field trips and field camp).