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2022 Spring/Fall  Teaching Scholars

Loubna Bilali

Modern & Classical Language Studies, Kent Campus

Loubna Bilali
Hello! My name is Loubna Bilali. I am an assistant professor of translation technology at Kent State. I teach translation technology courses both in the onsite and online MA programs, MCLS department (Kent campus). I am originally from Morocco. I have been living in Ohio for 14 years. I have received an MA in Cross-cultural communication and translation and an MA in French translation from Kent State University along with a Ph.D. in Translation Studies. My research interests revolve around localization (the translation and adaptation of websites and software programs into different languages/cultures), translation training, I am also interested in online teaching pedagogy and learning experience design. In my free time, I like to exercise, dance, play racquet sports, and write. Things that motive and inspire me when I am not busy working are reading biographies and psychology books, horseback riding, hiking, and watching documentaries.

Daniel Dankovich

Biology, East Liverpool Campus

Dan Dankovich
I have been an instructor with Kent State University - Columbiana County since 2010 and was promoted to FT NTT in 2018.  I teach on the East Liverpool campus in the biology department with a primary focus on anatomy and physiology courses.  I have helped to start and maintain a student leadership organization and a food pantry on campus to address the issue of student food insecurity.  I am active with several campus and Kent committees and the East Liverpool local schools in a reading to first graders program.  I am committed to my students both during and after completion of my class.  I am driven to become the best learning centered educator for all of my students.

Kurtis Eisermann

Biological Sciences, Tuscarawas Campus

K. Eisermann
Kurtis Eisermann is an Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences at Kent State Tuscarawas. He graduated with his PhD. in Cellular and Molecular Biology (with a focus on Cancer Genetics) from Kent State University. After that he did postdoctoral research at the University of Pittsburgh as an NIH T32 Postdoctoral Scholar where he researched prostate cancer and BPH. He has published 14 peer reviewed journal articles in research focused mainly on androgen regulation, androgen receptor, and identifying potential small molecules used to treat castration resistant prostate cancer. Prior to joining Kent State as an Assistant Professor, Dr. Eisermann was an Adjunct Professor at Point Park University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland, Ohio, and multiple campuses at Kent State University. Dr. Eisermann currently teaches Elements of Genetics, Foundational Anatomy and Physiology I and II, Human Biology, Life on Planet Earth, Lab Experience in Biology, and Anatomy for Veterinary Technicians at the Kent State Tuscarawas campus and has developed hybrid courses that have both in person and online components that challenge students to think more in depth about the concepts they are learning. He is always interested in learning new ways to challenge his students to help them reach their potential. In addition to teaching, Dr. Eisermann is a member of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) committee and has started a Biology/Premed Club at the Tuscarawas campus. In his free time, Dr. Eisermann likes to travel, watch sports, spend time with family, play tennis, bowl, and fix things around the house.

Marta Guivernau

Foundations, Leadership & Administration, Kent Campus

M. Guivernau
I am an assistant professor at the School of Foundations, Leadership and Administration and the Coordinator of the Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology Minor program. I completed my B.S. in Psychology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain and my graduate work (M.S. 1994; Ph.D. 1999) in Sport and Exercise Psychology at Purdue University. I joined the faculty at Kent State University in 2007 and regularly teach Sport Psychology, Sociology of Sport, Athletic Coaching, Sport in Global Perspective and Motivation in Sport, Exercise and Movement Settings. I moved to the US in 1992 in the midst of the Barcelona Summer Olympics, watching the inauguration ceremony in Barcelona and the closing ceremony in Boston. Prior to Kent State, I was a visiting professor at Kalamazoo College and an adjunct faculty at Michigan State. I was also a research associate at the Center for Sport, Character and Community at the University of Notre Dame, which mission was to build character through sports with a research-based foundation. My scholarship focuses on the influence of the environment on moral aspects and motivation and the impact of a positive atmosphere on individual’s psychological and socio-emotional responses. My emphasis is on caring in sport and education to optimize the experience and lifespan development of all participants. I work with coaches on creating environments that foster positive experiences for athletes and improved performance, consulting with D1 teams and athletes on performance enhancement issues, psychological and socio-emotional wellbeing. I like music, theater, a good book but, most of all, I love to travel. I enjoy many sports and the outdoors, and I am a huge soccer fan (Go Flashes!).

Grace Keenan

School of Theatre & Dance, Kent Campus

G Keenan
Grace Cochran Keenan is an assistant professor of costume technology at for the School of Theatre and Dance. She received her Master of Fine Arts in Costume Design & Technology from Pennsylvania State University. Her main teaching pedagogy research interests are focused on how flipped learning can be utilized in the arts as well as the decolonization of courses.

Prior to joining the Kent State faculty full time, Professor Keenan worked as a freelance tailor & draper for with credits at Carnegie Mellon University, Great Lakes Theatre, The Cleveland Playhouse, Idaho Shakespeare Festival, and Baldwin-Wallace University.  She has over 40 credits to her name as a Draper and Tailor including Deathtrap, Sweeney Todd, Intimate Apparel, and The Plague of Venice.

James Redfearn

Biological Sciences, Salem Campus

J. Redfearn
James is a cell physiologist and Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences at Kent State's Salem Campus since 2017. He graduated with a bachelor's degree from the University of Tulsa in 2001 and his Ph.D. in Physiology from Kent State in 2016 and in between worked in research labs investigating the genetic variation of the Rh blood group genes and variations in expression of potassium channel proteins in heart muscle. Current interests include public health communication, biosafety and biosecurity, interactive approaches to classroom teaching (e.g. POGIL) and mastery learning / learning for mastery techniques

Joshua Stacher

Multidisciplinary Social Science & Humanities, Kent Campus

Joshua Stacher
Joshua Stacher is a Professor of International Relations in Kent State’s new School for Multidisciplinary Social Sciences and Humanities. He is the author of two books, most recently Watermelon Democracy, and other journal articles. His research interests have centered on state violence, political resistance, social movements, and revolutions in the Middle East.

Josh is now looking to better understand his pedagogical approaches while also learning how to integrate contemplative practices in his classrooms when discussing, seeing, and processing structural realities that marginalize others. By developing clarity as a teacher, he will ensure his students know that they belong in our classes at Kent State, and beyond.

For fun, Josh likes to spend time with his family, be out in nature, and practice self-care.

Melanie Tabak

Psychological Sciences, Trumbull Campus

M. Tabak
Melanie Tabak, Ph.D (Social/Health psychology, Kent State) is an Associate Professor of Psychological Sciences at the Trumbull Campus. Her past research examined Stress, Stigma and Social Support, but has since shifted her focus to teaching and counseling, earning an M.A in Instructional Technology and an M.A in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She teaches a variety of courses including Biopsychology, Abnormal Psychology, Health Psychology, and Motivation.