Program Description

Faculty Fellows

Please look for the Faculty Fellows Program to return in the 2024-2025 AY

The Center for Teaching and Learning Faculty Fellows Program is designed to give individual faculty members the opportunity to serve in a leadership role in a professional development area of her/his choosing. Such issues may include: online teaching and learning, researching teaching and learning, effective techniques for large lecture classes, adjunct faculty support, peer review, teaching strategies for difficult courses, mid-career faculty development, etc.

The expectation of the program is that the selected fellows will serve as a mentor/support for other faculty within their chosen topic, create a university-wide workshop on their topic, create a deliverable (article, white paper, learning module) for future faculty use and participate, as much as possible, in the broader workings of the center. Faculty Fellows, if selected, are eligible for workload equivalency to complete the project.

All Faculty Fellow project resources are housed in the Center for Teaching and Learning Blackboard Learn course. You can request access to the course to view these resources.

Applicants must submit a letter or email signed by her/his academic unit administrator (department chair, school director, college dean or regional campus dean) which indicates support for the faculty member’s application to the Center for Teaching and Learning at ( 

If selected, the faculty member will receive a 3-6 hour workload equivalency to work in the center within their proposed leadership area. The faculty member’s unit will receive funds to cover costs associated with workload reallocation.

For more information or to discuss your application, please contact CTL director, Dr. Jennifer Marcinkiewicz at You may also contact the Center for Teaching and Learning at 330-672-2992 or

Application questions limited to no more than 300 - 600 words each include:
  • Proposed project identifying goals of the project, relevance to the university or discipline and expected product.
  • What will the impact of this leadership experience by on your own professional development and/or why are you interested in participating?