Graduate Assistantships


Assistantships are primarily considered as a form of financial aid to students complete their graduate degree programs. Compensation may include a stipend, tuition remission and subsidized health insurance. In order to be eligible for either a full- or part-time graduate assistantship, a student must be enrolled full-time (i.e., at least eight credit hours) in a specific degree program.

Graduate Assistantships in the School of Fashion:

  • Ten hours per week working with a graduate faculty member
  • Tuition waiver and stipend for the academic year
  • Competitively awarded for Fall and Spring semesters (separate application and review process)

If you would like to apply for a graduate assistantship in the School of Fashion, please download and fill out the required application and send to Assistantships and campus jobs outside of the School of Fashion are posted through Career Exploration and Development.

For more information regarding graduate assistantships, please visit the KSU Graduate Studies site

For information regarding the cost of attendance, please visit the KSU Financial Aid page.