Stopher-Johnson Honors Complex

The Stopher-Johnson Complex, located in the historic heart of the Kent campus, houses the Honors College administrative offices and living-learning community. Rebuilt from the ground up, Stopher and Johnson Halls were constructed on the footprint of the original buildings to preserve the historic May 4th site. The complex occupies a prime location along the pedestrian esplanade, close to the Kent Student Center, University Library, and Design Innovation (DI) Hub, which has dining facilities on the third floor. The lower level of the Stopher-Johnson complex is home to the Honors College administrative offices, advising offices, library/print lab, and classrooms.

The Honors College – Lower Level, 20 Stopher Hall

  • Reception Area and Lobby of the Honors College

    • The reception area and lobby for the Honors College are located on the lower level of Stopher Hall at 20 Stopher Hall. The front office staff at the reception desk welcome students, faculty, staff, and guests to the Honors College. Students arriving for Honors advising will check in at the reception desk. The lobby serves as a waiting area for Honors advising and as a communal space for students and staff to hold small social gatherings. 
An image of the reception desk in the Honors College lobby, 20 Stopher.
  • Administrative & Advising Offices

    • The Honors College administrative and advising offices are located down the hall from the reception area and lobby. Due to privacy concerns, anyone with an appointment with administrative or advising staff must check in at the reception desk and wait in the lobby area for assistance.
An image of advising waiting area in the Honors College lobby, 20 Stopher.
  • Library/Print Lab

    • The Honors College library is located off the reception area and lobby in Room 52. The library offers comfortable seating, study tables, casual reading material (for use in the library), three desktop computers, and a printer, all for student use. Students are welcome to lounge, study, or print during open hours.
An image of the printer and computers in the Honors College library.
View of the Honors College library and print lab.
  • Study Room 

    • At the back of the library, students will find a small study space and conference room, 52A. This room is available for use on a first-come first-serve basis unless previously reserved by Honors staff (per reservation signs on the door.)
An image of the study room in the lower level of the Honors College.
  • Classrooms

    • Johnson Hall classrooms 55, 60, 62, and 64 are accessible from the lower level.